Salting the Fields

Get ready for the last three months of a Obama Presidency.
Socialists never, never, never go quietly.

This will be much more than popping the “W’s” off of keyboards and stealing the furniture from the White House.

Expect to see the most outrageous and blatantly Leftist actions coming from the present Administration.

You will not hear yelling and screaming… the Main Stream Media will not be alerting you to what is going on… the Liberal’s will not be calling your attention to it.

The Salting of the Fields will be conducted in the dead of night and positioned as “good for the country”. You will see a flood of incomprehensibly onerous and impossible to achieve regulations, and dictates, from the Executive Branch via it’s enforcement agencies. It will range from ‘security measures’ to ‘clean water and food regs.’.

It will be the types of measures a New Administration will be forced to repeal… and it will be done specifically in order so Leftists can accuse their Ideological Enemies of being ‘for’ death, destruction, dirty air and dirty water etc. etc. etc.

It will show up with the installation of rabidly Socialist individuals into all types of positions of Bureaucratic power which have not yet been filled with them. Because there are few of those, the current Administration will create brand new positions just to make room for more Leftists in our Government.

It will show up as pardons for criminals, erasure of documents and communications, special deals for friends… It won’t just be raining cats and dogs, it will be raining spiders, alligators and snakes.

Get Ready.

It’s going to be ugly…


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