Get… Out…


Donald Trump has won the Presidency.

While he’s never been “My Guy”, I voted for him.

I have suffered through the most hideously Socialist period this country has ever experienced. The Soft slavery of Statism has taken The United States far afield from the Constitution. I have been forced to watch as voters trade perceived security for their Freedom and Liberty. We have sat idly by while the Government has achieved their aims by the third way and taken ownership of all our lives by ‘other means’.

And I have listened, repeatedly, to those who believe themselves to be smarter than Our Enlightenment Philosopher Fathers smugly tell us how ignorant we are to think we have a right to make decisions for ourselves. I have heard these same Elitist masters threaten to leave this great country because they have convinced themselves we tremble under such a punishment and once realizing the ‘error of our ways’ would beg them to return as saviors.

My message to my fellow Americans… Trump may, or may not, be the man you want him to be. It now falls upon us to be diligent in promoting our beliefs and demanding not a Revolution… but a Renovation of this country returning it to the Greatest Experiment in Self Government the World has ever known.

My message to all those Liberal Leftists and their army of Useful Idiots who have threatened all of us with leaving the country if we did not choose to perpetuate in this forced march to the Global Socialism they call Progressive…

with all due respect…

Get Out.



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