Will Taxidermy stop the Shedding?

This might be the start of a new advice column….

So my wife and I have a dog that sheds. Just this morning we were discussing how to manage the abundance of fur which suddenly appears in the corners of the room, the carpet, the floor, under the couch, on the couch, in our nose, in our eyes etc.

Her question to me was “How do we stop the Shedding?!

Good question, Dear!

We need to find an alternative with tons of upside.  So what exactly is possible?

Can it stop the shedding?
Can we reduce the wear and tear on our furniture, floors, vacuum cleaner, doors, yard, fence, chairs, tables, windows, cars, anon?
Can we save money on food, water, vet bills, leashes, Halloween costumes?
Is it possible to increase the room on our bed without increasing the size of the bed itself?
Is there a way to stop spending money on “Puppy-Sitters” when we go out-of-town?
Is it possible to reduce the amount of noise generated by sharp explosions of yelling reverberating off of what we now know is a 100,000-Watt bark amplifying tile floor?
And finally, not only can we keep, but can we extend the presence of our pets to what amounts to be our lifetimes?


It’s just a matter of will.

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