Mr. Trump, Take Blue Back! (Thank you.)

(This was a plea I made on July 22nd of 2015.  And after last night’s debate, I have to extend a Thank You to Mr. Trump.  It’s about time someone wrested Blue back from the Socialists and put them back in their Historic Color… of Oppression, Death and Destruction, Blood Red.)

You’re Just the Man to do It…

Back in 2000 during a ridiculous, and I still believe contrived, Media Argument over how to depict States on Electoral maps during Elections, The Leftists decided to seize the opportunity to sow yet more confusion where there was previously none to be found.

The Liberal Media all came together and ‘voted’ that instead of what had been colors traditionally, and more important historically, associated with the two primary U.S. political parties, Red for Democrats and Blue for Republicans, the colors should be reversed.

Believe it or not, up to that point there was no confusion.

RED was the color of The Democrat Party


BLUE was the color of The Republican Party

But the Liberal Media knew this was their chance to help their Party crawl out from underneath the accurate label, and color, of Socialism.

So they ‘voted’ to make Republicans RED and Democrats BLUE.

That’s all it took. The Media revised what History had already determined to be true.

Well, I for one am tired of this glaring revisionism to be accepted by anyone… let alone those of us who know what “RED” means.

RED remains the color of Socialism. 

It is the color of Oppression, Destruction and Death Worldwide. 

It is the color of Lying Populism intended to placate the Masses while cementing the Power of the Few over the Many.

It is the color of creating the Government Addicted.

It is the color of Slavery.

It is the color of Racial and Ethnic Division fomented for Political Gain.

It is the color of Blood shed in the name of Tyranny.

It is the color of Social Democracy and the Democrat Party.


Mr. Trump,

During your run for the Presidency, please do me this one favor if you do nothing else, Take Blue Back.

And while you’re at it, remind the American People, and the myriad fools in the Republican Leadership, why Democrats are RED.

Thank You in Advance,

Mike at makeaneffort

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4 responses to “Mr. Trump, Take Blue Back! (Thank you.)

  • Rattlesnake

    I think about this every time I see someone refer to “red states” or “blue states.” This is especially odd to me, being a Canadian, where blue is unquestionably the color of the Conservative Party. There’s even a distinction made between “blue tories” and “red tories,” blue tories being more conservative and red tories being more moderate. Even though to a Canadian, red isn’t associated with socialism, it’s more associated with Canada (since it’s the only color on the flag other than white). The most socialist party uses orange, which is probably also good marketing. I mean, Canadians generally don’t have a high opinion of socialism either, in general; this is a nation of moderate centrists.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Mike

      That’s how the Socialists get you… they disguise themselves as oranges and cloak themselves in moderation. You never see’em comin’.


      • Rattlesnake

        It occurs to me that almost nowhere is the main left-wing party actually called the “Socialist Party.” The only ones that I can think of off the top of my head are France and Belgium. But I suspect the French (and the Walloons) just tend to be more socialist people for whatever reason (which applies to French Canadians as well). For everyone else, socialism sure sounds more palatable when you call it “social democracy” or “progressivism,” etc.

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