What is the Final Solution… for The Deplorables?

Clearly the Deplorable Problem must be solved.

The Progressives control Government, Schools and all Businesses via Regulation.

Yet, the Deplorable Problem still exists.

How should Government remove this Vermin from our midst?

What is the Final Solution?

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2 responses to “What is the Final Solution… for The Deplorables?

  • David

    Too bad we can’t just load them all into train cars and…Wait, that’s already been tried. I think the world frowned upon it or something like that.

    OK, we’ll just have to keep slowly eroding their freedom, their means of making a living, their ability to chose a doctor or start a business or use certain words (lots of words actually) or study US history or establish borders for the country or prove they’re a citizen before voting. Yes, that’s it! Just give us four more years…

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    • Mike

      Well they ARE Socialists… so train cars to nowhere could be an option. And, once the American Public realizes what a wonderful thing you’ve done for them, and their children, who would frown?


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