Children… the Path to Poverty.

I was going to offer up a very serious, detailed and heavily researched essay on this… fact.

However, I’m now three full days deep into metrics regarding who collects welfare, when and how much followed by success rates (long-term employment, earnings and marital status) of individuals 10, 20 and 30-years after having received public assistance surrounding children, it becomes such Obvious Fact that it seems unnecessary to waste the time tapping it out.  Additionally, given the amount of information available showing exactly this but not stating it directly, it appears everyone already knows it.  And yet…

Such is the epidemic of this Destructive Element dragging people helplessly into Abject Poverty, I am going to throw my hands up and get drunk, which is what everyone else has clearly done.

But even Drunk… I now have a boat load of evidence demonstrating that children ruin people’s lives as well as the lives of others who are then expected to support them for poor folks who own them.  They are Black Holes of Self-Sufficiency and Fiscal Solvency.

I’m with Bill Gates on this one, the pathway out of Poverty is Chickens.

If Children are our Future, we’re screwed.


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14 responses to “Children… the Path to Poverty.

  • insanitybytes22

    Ha! You won’t get any argument from me. Bunch of free loaders.

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  • ~Deb

    What a crock! Once again – you TOTALLY missed the mark. Children don’t ruin peoples’ lives anymore than guns kill people…sheesh! What we’ve got here are a whole bunch of folks who’ve taken the easy way out for decades – ALL in the name of votes…Hello!

    Pass out a few welfare checks, complete w/guarantee of BIGGER checks based on how many kiddos currently and/or will reside in said household aka – let’s get pregnant and have more so we can get a BIGGER check. And the caveat, they’ll vote for ‘those who’ pass out those checks versus ‘those who’ encourage getting a job and supporting one’s own family…gee, wonder what that voting choice will be…anyone?

    Consider some other options – What IF we, as a society, made it a ‘good thing’ to have a job rather than living on welfare for generations? What IF we voted in people who actually worked together to help create good jobs in ‘our country’ versus shipping them overseas? What IF we encouraged people to be ‘good parents and grand-parents’ that are loved and respected by their children and grandchildren, rather than trying to be ‘friends’ with these children – scared to death to expect them to help ‘earn their keep’ by doing chores around the home they reside? And God forbid we ask ANY of these snowflakes to get a part-time job to help pay for some of their ‘necessities’!

    The ONLY people to blame here – are the parents, grandparents, families, and a society that has created these so-called ‘entitled children’. Instead of ‘giving them fish’, why not teach them ‘how to catch their own fish’?

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    • Mike

      On the contrary… it looks like I hit the mark dead center. But I notice you are defending the little snot monsters… with their germy little hands and constant demand of attention until their old enough to demand money… I’m not saying you don’t have the right to own one, I’m just pointing out that by correlation or causation they lead directly to Poverty for everyone unlucky enough to be around one.

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      • ~Deb

        And just exactly ‘where’ do you think YOU evolved from – spontaneous combustion? And who ‘owned’ you? Which plantation did you spawn from? OMG, talk about throwback to the ‘dark ages’…seriously?


        • Mike

          Don’t blame the messenger, Deb. I’m just citing every study ever done regarding the Direct Correlation between having Children and Abject, Cyclical, Inescapable Poverty. (Glad you’re still out the Deb. It’s always fun.)


          • ~Deb

            So you’re saying, the so-called adults in this equation have succumbed ALL their free will and educated thought making/decision making processes to the children, ALL based on,forgive me, once again, so-called empirical studies and data…really? Guess the Trump offspring were NOT included in ANY of those empirical studies, huh?


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