Making The Border a Fat White Guy thing…

…Has always been Hogwash.  Since the Minutemen on the Border during the nineties, it has been the ‘job’ of the press to find the fattest, whitest, folding chair sittenest, middle-aged couple possible to  portray the ‘clearly’ racist desire to defend the borders.

Well… I was around then, and around there.  I can personally tell you that the crowds who showed up to those events were at least 40-50% Hispanic.  But you were never, never, never shown that.  Nope… it was just a bunch of Shitty Fat White Folks plopping their lazy asses down in the cheapest Wal-Mart folding chairs one can find using what energy they had to eat while occasionally raising a pair of binoculars up to their Bulging Bloodshot Eyes jus’ hopin’ to see a Mez’kin they can shoot.

That complete BS picture being painted was one of the biggest confirmations of Media Bias, for me at least, and was the nail in my coffin of trust when it came to news presenters.  From that point my eyes opened and I quickly learned how Cameramen would shoot only a small segment of the protesters if their make-up and color didn’t quite fit the narrative they wanted to convey.  (Of course that narrative was, and still is, a Mean-Spirited, Misogynistic, Gun Porn Loving, Racist, Homophobic, Fat Herd of Greedy White People.)  I learned how New Crews would go out and interview 5 fools with misspelled signs and get pictures of them as if the photographer was laying on the ground about two feet away in order to make them look like a huge number of Offended A-Holes.  (I mean Concerned Citizens… A-Hole is just my shorthand.)

So, in a brief and likely to be quickly shelved moment of honesty… comes this story:


Liberal Esquire writer visits the border, comes back supporting the wall, American Thinker, Thomas Lifson, June 10, 2016 A little knowledge and experience go a long way. Let’s hope the Trump campaign notices. Truth Revolt reports: This week on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Esquire Editor-in-Chief Jay Fielden describes sending one of his liberal journalists to the U.S.-Mexico border to find […]

via Liberal Esquire writer visits the border, comes back supporting the wall —


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