You Must be Forced to Care.

(Originally posted 091914.  But now that we’ve graduated from Enterovirus to Measles… decided to revisit.)

There are Diseases in The World which Progressives believe have been left unaddressed by the Major World Powers.

The thinking goes that we, Lazy-Stupid-Spoiled Western Masses, simply don’t care if it doesn’t effect us. You can find evidence of this mindset within the fight against AIDS as well as other life threatening diseases…. Like Ebola.

And certain others such as the Enterovirus.

So how might a World Power (The United States) be motivated to address those sicknesses that have been Intentionally Ignored?

Import them.

Yes, that’s what I said…

Bring them here so We can experience them…  Some of us Die from them…  And All of us Fear them.

The contingency that subscribes to the idea we are ‘all citizens of the world’ is not beyond bringing sickness to our shores if it means we will devote our resources to fighting the illness’ we previously ignored.  In their mind, focusing on our own Problems First, while spending Energy on the Worlds Problems Second, is what makes America Terrible.  And they have anointed themselves ‘Enlightened’ Apostles of all that is Good and Just.  The Ends Justify the Means…

This leaves only one question.

How do you bring them here?


Allow hundreds of thousands of people into the country without medical screening… all at once.  (All at once of course can mean over a period of a year or so when it comes to the grand scheme of things.)  Then disperse them at taxpayer expense throughout the country.

‘But this would never happen!’ you say…  I know you… and I know you’re saying it.

Well it’s happening, right now, as I tap this out.

The only real question left to the Left is ‘How do you make these new illnesses spread fast enough to completely refocus the National Energy onto defeating them?’

Make the people you let in be Childrenunaccompanied and unsupervised… then send them all over the country and Force our public school system to absorb Them.

‘But Who, In Their Right Mind, would do this?!’ you ask…  I also know you’re asking that…

Good Question.  Who Would do this?

Because whoever it is, is doing it right now.

And those who enable the doing will tell you it’s only ‘fair’ that we devote our abilities to helping those We chose not to help in the past.  Whether we like the outcome of doing so or not.

It’s for the Greater Good of All the Citizens of the World.

Sleep Well.


(Note: What better way to foment a Cry for Government Run Health Care, and Government Force, than a good old-fashioned Pandemic?  When it comes to the life of a child…)


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8 responses to “You Must be Forced to Care.

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  • xPraetorius

    Wonderfully well said about the layers, and about the perfidy of the various groups in question. There are simply many “out there” who have long lost the simple desire just to Do the Right Thing. That loss of moral mooring has no party — though the Democrat Party seems to have bought into it lock, stock and barrel — no race, sex or other differences. It’s deeply sad, and the end of the line for that trajectory is only one: violent upheaval.


    — x


  • insanitybytes22

    Americans however, do care, which makes the whole meme of spoiled-lazy-Americans false. The Catholic church has a few hundred thousand aids clinics all across Africa. Ebola came to our attention because of the US doctors over there trying to treat people. So bringing new diseases to America through immigration is a valid concern, but probably not a deliberate scheme, on account of the fact that Americans are already exposing themselves by traveling out of the country.

    I didn’t really want us to bring ebola back here, but considering the fact that we’re not going to do anything about immigration very soon, it was probably wise. The more we understand about it, the more likely it is that we’ll be able to treat it. In the face of bio-terrorism, both the self inflicted kind and the kind coming from potential bad guys, getting a handle on some of these potential plagues is probably a good idea.


    • Mike

      I added the Enterovirus, as I should have in the first place. And… as far as sheltering, nurturing and sustaining Leftists, the Catholic Church has a very long historical relationship. Alinsky paid his bills partly because of that relationship. As is always the case on the Left, It appears increasingly difficult for those who choose to help others they define as less fortunate to allow those who do not, or those who do not choose to help in the fashion those who have the power of Force approve of, Free to make their own decisions. This post is really about Force… and it’s many different faces.


      • insanitybytes22

        It is a post about force. Do you think that’s true however? I mean the idea of forcing Americans to care about disease, by bringing disease into the country?

        The other day President Obama said the world was doing splendid so now we can get around to finally curing some disease. It threw me for a loop, because since when have we not tried to cure disease?


        • Mike

          I respect from your point of view much is being done… but remember, from the point of view of a Progressive we suck, we’re selfish and all we think about is ourselves. Contrary evidence be damned.
          This ‘recognition’ of our ‘not caring’ is the foundation they build their sense of moral superiority upon. It’s the basic premise of their self anointed right to be the arbiters of fairness… And apply Force upon the rest of us. So yes, I do believe it’s true for some… in fact, I know this mindset to be true for more than I would like.


    • Mike

      I just want to make sure you believe that these folks exist.

      Even if this is venturing into tin foil area, there can be no doubt it fits snugly into the ‘unintended consequences’ realm. Securing the Border FIRST should have been accomplished over a decade ago. All who failed, for whatever reason to do so, should be blamed. And premier on that list are Liberals who seek to pad their voter rolls with relocated Socialists. Second are the Unions looking for a lifeline by making those relocated Socialists Dues paying Members. And finally are a large group of Republicans who are Socialists in Denial. They live in a world where relocated Socialists work for $2 and hour, or are technically proficient individuals from other countries but do not fall into the category needed to secure an HB-1 Visa so cannot be hired on the Domestic payrolls. Which makes certain companies look ‘bad’. (Zuckerberg…)

      There’s so many layers to this it’s painful. Yet so simple to address. I just think it’s worthy to repeat this over and over and highlight every consequence of not having completed an OVERLY PROMISED task. We need to insure the fingers are pointed at the right people. Before this is over, finger pointing there will be.


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