From the “Why the F*#K Would We Do That?!” Files:

“Scientists closer to CLONING T-Rex after discovering remains of pregnant dinosaur” – UK Daily Express

Clearly there are some questions…

So we reached out to Scientists and asked “Why the F*#k Would We Do This?!”

We received various answers ranging from “We have all this government grant money and can’t figure out what else to do with it… you can only run a shrimp on a treadmill for so long” to “They could be tasty”.

Fair Enough.

But we continued to express concern regarding the direct implication of releasing Giant Carnivorous Reptiles loose upon the World.

The response was oddly unanimous.  With a 100% consensus, every Scientist we spoke to agreed that we would keep them where the World keeps all the other incredibly dangerous, lethally poisonous and horrifically hostile animals on the planet.

Australia could not be reached for comment.

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4 responses to “From the “Why the F*#K Would We Do That?!” Files:

  • xPraetorius

    2,021 … 2,022 … 2,023 … aaawwwww fergit it! I don’t see why I have to keep saying Supercalifr… Superc… Supercalifflarginisticexperthalitosis … uuuuuuuuh, that thing.

    Great post, Mike! I might point out that this is not exactly news. The Democrats have been running dinosaurs for elective office — up and down the ticket — for decades now.

    Now, I guess, we’ll just have to add T-Rex to the list of elected Democrats roaming the land, annoying the higher species, and bellowing and roaring about “making the country whole again,” and “political revolutions.”

    In retrospect, there seems to be quite a few perfectly good reasons for why God tossed that asteroid at the Earth 60+ million years ago.


    — x


  • Neal Cooper

    Well, you never know…they might taste like chicken. After all, T-Rex is related to birds! Ummm, I can almost taste that T-TRex burger or the T-Rex wrap for when I’m feeling health conscious.


  • David

    Can anyone say, “full circle” ?


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