If Trump is playing the Buffoon…

… then Romney is playing the Fool.

Okay folks, I’ve made no bones that I’m a Cruz guy. But this latest attack on Trump is possibly one of the most idiotic. Mitt Romney did not run for President as a Nincompoop. But his attempt to go after Trump is the task of a half-wit.

The Desperation coming from the Establishment RINO’s is on parade.

It’s pathetic.

Of all the people to send out after Trump… Romney was not the guy.

If Mitt is the ‘opening salvo’, this is going to be a very interesting few months.

This is the cleansing sunlight We needed and We are seeing everyone’s true colors.

None of this can be taken back…

The damage to the Liberal Republicans will be permanent, regardless of the outcome.

But they continue to operate like they stumbled across a mixed bag of chew-able Oxycontin and Meth… they making as many Bad decisions as they can, as quickly as possible.


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3 responses to “If Trump is playing the Buffoon…

  • Anonymous

    Exactly, I am for Cruz seems like that last debate even fox moderators were all attacking Trump! I think it’s all just a game they are playing with our lives!!


  • David

    Paul Ryan gave a great speech that almost convinced me that the establishment Republicans did nothing about Obamacare, Executive Amnesty, Sanctuary cities, Kate’s Law, Planned Parethood etc. because they were waiting for better opportunities when they could actually win in regards to these issues

    They refuse to see that they brought Trump upon themselves by their spineless inaction. They refuse to see that the PEOPLE want them to act differently. Their current actions make their continued lack of understanding very clear.

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