It’s Fine to Spy on the Little People…

… just not the People in Power.

The Politicians are ANGRY!

How DARE the NSA Spy on THEM!

But… wait… what?

Are You Little People confused?

Of course you are… or at least, you should be.

Your confusion stems from our wandering so very far away from our Founders intent.

The reason for this confusion is we were founded in such a way where the Individual is always supreme over the Government.  And the Government is not only LIMITED in it’s power, it’s powers are intentionally Separated.  Limit and Conflict were BUILT INTO THE SYSTEM to PROTECT THE INDIVIDUAL.  It’s quite simple really.

Which brings us to the fact that The Newly Found Political Fury over Sweeping Mass Collection of data by Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies should be directed at the Intrusion upon, and Violation of, Individual Rights of ALL Citizens… Not Politicians specifically.

Frankly, I have less of an issue with Politicians spying on each other than I do Force (Government) spying on the Citizenry.

Let me make this as Clear as possible…

The U.S. Government can and should be Spying on other Countries.  It’s their Job.

Other Countries will be attempting to Spy on us, the U.S.  – It’s not a matter of being ‘OK’ with it, it’s their job… as it is ours to deny them that ability.

What is Not ‘OK’?

The U.S. Government Spying on Individual Citizens without a specifically crafted warrant to do so.  (The only argument worth having here; “Are Politicians considered Individual Citizens?”  It could also be useful to remind the NSA that their Love interests also fit into the ‘Citizen’ category… and some of the things they are doing is considered stalking at a minimum.)

Of course they are…

But the current framing of the ‘Offended’ is that they are ‘special’.  And while I might agree that they are special, I would offer that they are most often the kind of special that requires a helmet when walking outside.

In the end, the reason you should be more concerned about the U.S. Government Spying on you and not China, Korea, Israel or Google, is because none of the latter have yet found a way to show up at your door and throw you in jail.  (Although Google is probably working on it.)

The Politicians should be reminded of their place in society… which was always intended to be servants to those who are not in power.

This will be interesting to watch as most genuine Conservatives do not like being Spied upon, and most Democrats have spent huge amounts of time and money convincing their Useful Voters that they too believe in a Right to Privacy.

Can anyone spell Dissonance?




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5 responses to “It’s Fine to Spy on the Little People…

  • dvaal

    It’s a tuff balance, all the way around. One that most can’t agree upon. I like what you’ve written, but no matter how you toss it -this has problems. Everything has problems in decisions today because everyone wants their rites protected, until we can’t protect anyone properly -without steeling rights from another. Good luck helping the world figure this out.


    • Mike

      I understand what you’re saying Dvaal and I think you’re expressing a view common to most. However, it’s not tough for me. There is an element of Danger we all must be willing to live with in order to remain Free. The Government (which in America is supposed to be transitional at every level) is supposed to fear the Populace. Only those who have not taken the time to read the Founder’s arguments, and underpinning Enlightened Philosophy, of the Founding Documents (or outright oppose the Individual and Support Socialist style Government utilizing Mob Rule only when it’s convenient) are still trying to debate it.
      Their is a built in Bias to Individual Liberty and Freedom within the Constitution… not ‘Group’ Liberty and Freedom. It is correctly assumed the if the Individual is Free so is the Group. All that being said, inalienable means exactly that. One does not have Rights at the expense of another. One has Rights because One exists.
      I doubt, however, that I’m doing much to help anyone let alone the World figure much out… even with luck.
      Cheers – Mike

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      • dvaal

        I never said that I am not frightened about where the world is going -we are stepping on everyone and controlling nothing! However, the majority get to speak -and most of the majority are people in power positions. Leaving those that believe in freedom as it is written in the constitution with little voice.
        I am glad that you are fighting your fight -even if, just in words. Whether you win, or those so frightened of each other, and the world, will listen -God speed! You are right about the dangers we will, and must face in order to keep our freedom -but in a world that wants everything perfect -well, they believe in their rights over yours. (I am not one of them -I want America to be strong and fight for the morality and strength of our country through God. I doubt I will win -the Bible confirms that!

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