Religion is Not my Angle

This isn’t an Apology… this is an Indictment.

There may be some confusion at times considering I frequent various sites and am prone to engage in ‘conversation’ when I encounter comments dripping with histrionics. It should be no surprise that I never seem to run out of opportunities to ‘converse’.

That being said, one could have equal chance finding me tapping out something slurred on as or (There is actually quite a bit of crossover between these sites… but I digress.)

It should be known that I have no problem with religion as I don’t find it threatening. As a disclaimer; Once I find a religion threatening… I have a problem. To further clarify, I specifically mean Physically Threatening. I do not subscribe to the overly sensitive, perpetually offended, looking for power over others, definition of threatening. As long as you don’t advocate killing me, or re-instituting Religion as Government, we’re good.

I’ve come to this place because I find a large group of fools, of which I may have been once although after decades of drunken debauchery I can’t quite remember, that seeks a single issue with which to justify their Intellectual Laziness. All too often that issue is Religion. If we were to discount all knowledge arrived at by a religious individual we would still be living in caves. And those of you who apply such a test to those they ‘converse’ with are indeed fools.

I have long-held there could be no greater insult to God than to not ask “Why?”.  According to almost every religion I’m aware of, it is believed God gave humans intelligence and particularly the ability to question. And, it has been the search for God combined with this very question which has led us to where we are today. This Search for Meaning has not been quashed by Religion… granted it has experienced hostility when Religion was, and is, Government, but I addressed that above.  (Ya’ll want to talk about that… fine.  I’ll go there because it leads directly into Oppression and one’s inability to escape it.  Warning, if you’re a Progressive Leftist you’re not going to like how that ends.  Just sayin’.)

Now… if anyone who thinks they’re Smarter than Everyone else would like to chime in and split hairs over “God” vs. “G.U.T.” or “T.O.E.”, hold your fingers, cowboy (I’m employing the gender neutral. don’t want to offend anyone.). I personally draw no distinction. Your protest will be lost. I will not engage in foolishness. Well that’s not entirely true… anyway…

Hope that helps.

If not, I’m always available for Q&A.

Whoa! Look at the time! I need to get back to as they’re having a Hottest Chicks from 1962 promotion. So Hairy! Can’t wait!

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