Socialist on Socialist Violence in Germany

I’ve often said when Socialists are not fighting Free Market Capitalists they turn to their next favorite pastime… fighting each other.  Don’t just take my word for it, History provides a plethora of examples.  (A Plethora is a large, or excessive, amount El Guapo.)

In today’s example it’s the German Establishment Socialists (Socialists who have Power in Germany) turning Water Canon’s on the Regular old Socialists (aka… Communists ‘Light’ not in Power) who were protesting the German Democratic National Socialists (NAZI’s) who were protesting the Establishment Socialists (The Volks above with the Water Canon’s and the Power to use them).

Fun to watch.  Genuinely… I enjoy watching Socialists fight each other.  Couldn’t happen to nicer folks all around.

Read the story here as reported in Yahoo News..

France should be up to some Socialist on Socialist Violence soon as well.  Lot’s of Socialists calling themselves different things over there…  all of them seem to find a way to hate each other when there’s no Enlightened Individualist within arms reach.

This is just the beginning. Wait till it warms up… Spring is just around the corner!

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