Will Parisians Demand the Right to be Armed?

They should.

It’s time to stop feeling bad about other people wanting to kill you.  It’s time to stop allowing our leaders to tell us it’s our fault.  It’s time to stop trusting that the Government can protect you.

They want a War…
Sometimes you have to give Them what They Want or They’ll never go away.

‘Gun Free’ Europe is about to explode. These events will not be lost on the rest of the continent.  The only people without Firearms are those under attack.

All of this… ALL OF THIS… is brought to you by your friendly, smarter than you, no-border, Socialists full of the best of intentions and concern for the well-being of the World.

It’s time to stamp out this Deadly Ideology for good.


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4 responses to “Will Parisians Demand the Right to be Armed?

  • Arkenaten

    Tell me, Dipshit, how did the most armed civilian country in the world prevent 9/11?

    – Moron –


    • Mike

      The idea that the first line of defense, you, should be armed is moronic.
      Terrorism will always exist whether it’s being performed by Islamo-Fascists, Goverment or Genuises like you. Factually, the only thing that stops a Terrorist with a gun is a Non-Terrorist… with a gun. Your assessment of the post in it’s entirety is sophmoric. Welcome back, but do us all a favor and make an effort.


  • insanitybytes22

    What an awful tragedy. I agree with what you’ve said. It’s rather unpleasant watching some of these atrocities come to pass when all those warnings have fallen on deaf ears. This stuff isn’t rocket science, it’s a bad idea to open your borders and disarm your citizens.


    • Mike

      It’s also well past time to stop tolerating our Leaders telling us we should be ashamed and it’s our fault it’s happening. It’s only our Fault it’s happening because we’re not doing what it takes to stop it.

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