Sweden Descends into Anarchy

Source: Sweden Descends into Anarchy

Does Bernie know?

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2 responses to “Sweden Descends into Anarchy

  • Louisiana Steve

    Regarding your comment on Warsclerotic, selective outrage on campus…I couldn’t agree more.


  • Louisiana Steve

    Just wait until the Swedes hit a breaking point when average folks realize they have nothing to lose and no other options but to fight back. If the government won’t control the chaos we see today, how will they control the chaos when the people take the fight to the streets and begin using deadly force? Sad situation indeed. We all need to watch closely. Could happen here.

    Hopefully, we can stop it before it becomes a crisis. So far, only Trump and Cruz seem to support border enforcement and the polls show it. Otherwise, our government will fail us and throw us into the chaos unfolding in Sweden.

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