Maria Bartiromo Insults All Women!

During Tuesday Nights Republican Presidential Debate Moderator Maria Bartiromo took it upon herself to Insult Women by stating it is a resume worthy achievement to marry a man!

The GOP Audience was quick to identify the misogyny and what was clearly an attempt to perpetuate the War on Women by responding with Boo’s and Shouts of Disapproval.

Feminists on one side of the aisle are also enraged and have taken to the airwaves to make their anger official.  (We cannot, at this time, find any examples of Feminist Anger regarding Bartiromo’s disparaging point of view. But we will be on watch and let you know when it happens.)

It has been rumored this morning that there is to be a hunger strike on the University of Missouri campus in response to Bartiromo’s comment and her resignation from Fox Business Network is being demanded.

We will update this story as facts unfold.


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