The Far-Right Socialists Awaken…

In a land not far, far, away…

a Dark Force stirs.

Once upon a time, not long ago, the entire World fought an Enemy so great it almost destroyed the last visage of Freedom and Liberty known to Man.

That War was never Won.

Today those who bravely fought against this Evil have waned in their opposition. They have succumbed to the argument of Power over Freedom, Administration over Choice… Socialist Ideology over Individual Liberty.

Slowly Progressivism has cemented its poisonous hold over our minds with the appeal of Vanity, Ego and Envy.

So desirous are we to appear benevolent, feel superior and make everything fair according to our personal wants and needs…

We have turned to the Dark Side.

We are seeing the undeniable manifestation of this in Germany as I tap this out.

Like an old comfortable pair of shoes… German National Socialists are rallying across their land.

When we, here in the only country on Earth to be founded on the Supremacy of Individual Freedom, have embraced the ‘kinder, gentler’ Socialist Immorality within our own Government…

It was just a matter of time.

When you embolden a Great Evil through your passive acceptance,

When you give credence to the poisonous idea of Communal Responsibility,

When you sustain your power by creating groups of Idle Offended Dependents,

How can there be any surprise?

Socialism is not to be ‘considered’, it is to be defeated.

This Ugly Ideology belongs nowhere but on the ash heap of history.

Do we have Champions who will discover renewed zeal in the face of an Evil that refuses to be defeated?

We must find A New Hope.



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6 responses to “The Far-Right Socialists Awaken…

    • Mike

      I’m hoping for someone who doesn’t….

      Bueller? Bueller? Anyone?


      • xPraetorius

        Good point about the “debate” on the part of so many: their accepted spectrum consists only of far-left left. In that case, left is right and we have the pathetic exchanges that we see in America today, where big-government, statist fascism still lurks on the right-wing in the minds of so many.

        I’m reminded of the unsuccessful coup-d’état that almost overthrew Gorbachev back in the early ’90’s (I think). Our American press referred to the even harder-core communists (harder-core than Gorbachev) as the “right-wing” because they were “Conservative,” and wanted to restore Communism.

        With ignorance like that among the most educated, what’s the hope for the world?!?


        — x


        • Mike

          Us… and the few who care to understand, spreading the truth and growing our numbers. Combine this with true sophistication being the realization we are not, and never will be, sophisticated, the message will remain uncorrupted.
          But therin’ lies the rub.


  • danmillerinpanama

    Here’s a different take on the German anti-Islamization campaign.

    Thousands of German citizens have been taking to the streets to protest the growing “Islamization” of their country.

    The protests are part of a burgeoning grassroots movement made up of ordinary citizens who are calling for an end to runaway immigration and the spread of Islamic Sharia law in Germany.

    The guardians of German multiculturalism are fighting back: they are seeking to delegitimize the protesters by branding them as “neo-Nazis” and by claiming that the Islamization of Germany is a myth contrived by misinformed citizens. [Emphasis added.]

    But there is a mounting public backlash over what many perceive as the government’s indifference to the growing influence of Islam in German society. This backlash represents a potentially significant turning point—one that implies that the days of unrestrained German multiculturalism may be coming to an end.

    It’s a pretty good article.


    • Mike

      I know. I get it. I’m being intentionally provocative.
      These are Socialists upset about what their Utopian Socialist policies have wrought… and in an attempt to ‘demonize’ the protesters those in power resort to identifying them as … Socialists!
      This is exactly the conversation I want to have. The perpetuation of “difference”, without distinction, between Socialism and Fascism must be illustrated at every opportunity. I’m guessing you might agree.
      Only on a spectrum consisting entirely of Socialist Ideology can one arrive at “Far-Right” and “Right-Wing” when referring to nationalist socialists.
      Yet the Left wields this label in an attempt to deflect responsibility and consequence. They use it to describe Constitutional Loyalists. And they have done so here in the U.S. with impunity.
      It’s a trap made for fools.
      We’ll see who it attracts.


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