Ready for Trump!?

If the Incestuous Relationship between Big Business and Government (Fascism) bothers you… If it’s the Big Money in politics you find irritating… If it’s Confiscatory Tax Rates and Profligate Spending of Your Money by Politicians buying votes, favors and influence that get’s under your skin…

How, exactly, is Trump proposing to ‘fix’ it?

Bueller? Bueller? Anyone?

OK, considering it wasn’t required of the most recent President before he was elected, may be that’s not ‘reasonable’ so early in the process…

How about detailing for me Trump’s Ideological Foundation.

In his own words.

If you can’t do that… then how about Your Perception of it.

I’ll wait right here.

Better hurry though, I’m currently sober and it hurts.

But I care about your answer THAT much.

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6 responses to “Ready for Trump!?

  • xPraetorius

    It’s a really interesting question. I used to think that any Republican candidate would be better than Obama, but Trump makes that patently not true.

    It’s also potentially true that a great, strong, intelligent and wise man could not be an effective President under current circumstances.

    So, here’s my best shot at an answer to your excellent question: the one who would be the best President is the one best suited to the current circumstances.

    It’s entirely possible that we just can’t clean up in four or eight or twelve years, the disaster that 200+ years of steadily increasing government growth has brought to our doorstep, but that we need decades of slow, steady course correction to avoid the catastrophe.

    Then again, it’s entirely possible that Trump would be the catastrophe, and would force some kind of correction sooner rather than later. That, I suspect, is the only positive — an it’s only a potential positive — that Trump could bring about.


    – x

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  • David

    Better at governing.


  • David

    OK, I’ll give it a shot: Our current leaders are stupid and Trump is not so he’ll do better than them.

    How did I do?


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