I Do Not Wipe!

– Said Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on the Campaign trail today.
She quickly went on to clarify that she has people who do that for her.


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2 responses to “I Do Not Wipe!

  • insanitybytes22

    ROFL! Thanks, Mike. I think you’ve summed up the issue well.


    • Mike

      Flash – Bernie Sanders has now chimed in and stated “We ALL need to Share in the Responsibilty!”

      This afternoon… John Kerry quietly issued a statement that he too does not wipe but has people that help with it.

      When asked to comment, Presidential Hopeful Martin O’Mally said; “Wipe?! Wipe?! No one I know does that!”

      And just before updating this post, some guy named Gilmore said something we’ve already forgotten.

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