Dems as Caricatures

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I wrote a reply to the great Mike, and realized that it deserved to be its own post. Something I’ve long thought and, of course, wondered about.

Did you ever notice that the Democrat candidates (and possible candidates) are all basically caricatures of actual people? (with the possible exception of Jim Webb)

Bernie Sanders is the prototypical union thug/street rabble-rouser, all bluff and glib bluster, and no brains. Is Sanders or is he not a perfect fit on the Bolshevik side of the barricades in tsarist Russia in 1915? He’s Ed Asner with a funny accent, but every bit as addled and dumb.

Hillary Clinton, the hyper-spoiled, hyper-coddled, hyper-insulated, hyper-entitled patrician, desperate to show her “every woman” creds, and just never remotely able to pull it off. A mediocrity’s mediocrity, she along with her trashy hound-dog of a husband would have been drummed out…

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