Think It Through

Worthy of a tattoo…
Might be a little long, but looking at some of you out there I don’t think so.

The Praetorian Writers' Group

Should be a lesson for life.

You know how you believe about an issue. Name it: gay marriage, death penalty, abortion, taxes, immigration…

Want to arrive at a conclusion regarding an issue — any issue — that has a chance of being the right conclusion? You know, something that has a good chance of being true?

It’s not too difficult. Simply be sure to do, or be, the following:

  1. First: think it through.
  2. Next: don’t be afraid to be wrong.
  3. And: never be afraid to discard a belief that doesn’t stand up to your scrutiny.
  4. Then: remember that nothing is “settled.” You got to where you are now by taking on and then discarding beliefs you were confident were correct.
  5. But: remember, you do have to believe in something. Some really basic beliefs can be “settled” in your mind.” Those things that are “settled” in your mind are the standards against which…

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