Reckless Abandon

When you believe The Ignorant Masses must be governed by The Few.  If you know in your heart that your ideas are Right and must be Forced upon the Many.  With every interaction you have, you confirm that you are indeed smarter than all those before you.

It’s easy to understand why oppressing the Ultimate Minority… The Individual… is paramount.  It becomes a simple tenet that one must sacrifice for the many.  And it stands without internal opposition that you should decide who must sacrifice.

You are The Socialist the rest of the world has waited for.

Your silent purpose is destroying the only country in the world founded upon reckless Limited Government, Individual Freedom and Liberty for All.  Your every moment, whether you can embrace honesty or not, is spent removing the ideal of civilian supremacy from the minds of the American People and in turn teaching them to accept the force of the few.  You’re aware Truth must never be an obstacle to progress.  And, you perform all your tasks ably.

The daily mission you embark upon is redefining American Exceptionalism into meaningless self-aggrandizement, opposed to the fabled beacon on a hill it once represented for all of mankind.  Why do you do this?  Because you know that not everyone longs to be free, and some men simply cannot govern themselves… the way you believe they should.  Their Salvation is in their recognition of this reality.

You champion all of this, each and every day, under the condescending guise of helping those who you decide cannot help themselves, while intentionally increasing their dependency upon you.  It is, without question, for their own good.

You have abandoned the Enlightened Experiment known as the United States of America in the hope of a global mediocrity administered by self-anointed Philosopher Kings.  Yours is a longing for a world where you, your children, and your children’s children, will play a role as the governors…

You are the Elite.

Clearly, the unwashed masses pine for your help.  You are the Hope, and you are the Change.

And when you have the Power… all things will be Equal.

Like a drip of water which erodes the earth beneath it, you are ceaseless, and you are bolstered by a faith that you will prevail given time.


You are.

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