I pay Half Attention, to Half of Everything, Half of the Time.

This is why I’m better equipped than Half of America to make a statement on this mornings Supreme Court Ruling on Gay Marraige.

This was Half a Victory.

If you’ve been around here for a while you already know that I oppose ‘Gay Marraige’ because I do not subscribe to the premise it is being argued upon.  And today’s ruling, based on a faulty premise, will only serve to cause more angst and division between individuals over the next decades.

First, let me say, today’s ruling is a half step forward…

…but we are all still blindfolded.

The Supreme Court stated unequivocally that the states must license marriage between homosexuals.

So what’s wrong with this and why might I oppose it?


Homosexuals in this country seem to think they have won a major victory…

In truth, none of us won anything today except the reinforcement that Government has ultimate say in what kind of relationships we have.  In other words, the Government has won a victory by retaining the Power to ‘Allow’ us, Gay/Straight/Purple/Green/Etc., to get married.

It’s none of the state’s damned business who I marry… or why.  I certainly shouldn’t be required to pay some bureaucrat to give me their approval!

It absolutely escapes me as how anyone can believe this is a win.

But then I remind myself we have moved so far away from the Supremacy of the Individual upon which this country was founded… so foreign does such a concept sound to our publicly educated population… so dangerous is such an idea to those who are in control and wish to continue to control all of us… forever…

… it all makes sense.

If half of us would make half an effort half the time…

We might quickly see how Government solidifying it’s ability to Force Individuals to bend at the knee is never a victory.

I’m off to get half Drunk…


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9 responses to “I pay Half Attention, to Half of Everything, Half of the Time.

  • David

    I follow the point you’re making about government approval. I wonder now if the gay and lesbian people will stop making everything they do about their sexuality. I don’t do that. Never have I put my sexuality right in anyone’s face, never mind everyone’s face!

    Frankly I don’t give a crap who you’re having sex with. It’s no more my business than who I’m having sex with is your business. Just stop putting it in my face (no pun intended).


    • Mike

      I’ve always wondered about that… if you didn;t have anything to do with your sexual orientation then how can you be proud of it? It would be like my being proud of my height…


  • twistnpout

    Agreed. And I am sure at least half the gay/lesbian/transgendered/….population would agree, this really is no victory at all, but for different reasons I think.


  • insanitybytes22

    Hey, we’re halfway over the cliff, too! 😉

    It’s a great point, Mike. I was blown away by all the people shrieking at me about how I want to, “deprive people of their right to chose who they can love.” On what planet do we ever hand over our authority to the government and allow them to chose our feelings for us?? On this one apparently, in our brave new world.

    Much like how in my area we now need to get a weed removal permit before we can weed our own property, I anxiously await the soon to come “feeling approval permit.” Of course, at the moment I can just turn on CNN and find out how I am supposed to feel for free.

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