40 Years Since Climatologists Blamed California Drought On Global Cooling

Same song… different verse… same as the first…

When do we stop listening to those who are so confident, yet so wrong, so often?

Real Science

In 1976, climatologists said that that global cooling caused drought and fires in California, and produced catastrophic erratic weather globally.

ScreenHunter_8910 May. 03 10.57

ScreenHunter_8907 May. 03 10.57ScreenHunter_8908 May. 03 10.57

Climatologists Forecast Stormy Economic Future – Climatologists Forecasting Dire Effects of Weather on World Economy and Social Order – View Article – NYTimes.com

Jerry Brown warned that California was facing an unprecedented drought.

ScreenHunter_1417 Jul. 29 23.22ScreenHunter_1419 Jul. 29 23.23

Now, Jerry Brown says that California faces an unprecedented drought, caused by global warming

ScreenHunter_1421 Jul. 29 23.24

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