Jeb’s Brother From Another Mother…

Jeb Bush is refusing to discuss the illegalities associated with Foreign donations to The Clinton Foundation and subsequent State Department Favors being Doled Out by Hillary.

Jeb will not be forced to criticize his “Brother From Another Mother.” Bill Clinton or Bill’s Wife… H.R. Clinton.

Keeping it in the Family…


The Winning Ticket for 2016!

Are You Ready?!




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4 responses to “Jeb’s Brother From Another Mother…

  • insanitybytes22

    I’m going to presume these two are the sacrificial lambs, the road kill you lay out before you present the real candidates. This is necessary because when the actual candidates arrive, you will be so grateful, you will elevate them to a status they are hardly worthy of and actually drag yourself out to a voting booth.

    I could just be a victim of my own magical thinking, which is okay too, because if this is the future, I’ll just stay here in the pink forest. 😉

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  • David

    Please wake me. I’m having a horrible nightmare! Say it ain’t so…


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