I Demand to know How Much it Cost! (Updated)

I want… no, I Demand to know how much Rand Paul’s Campaign paid Lindsey Graham for the Mother of all Endorsements!

Yesterday, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said the following;

“The best deal, I think, comes with a new president. Hillary Clinton would do better. I think everybody on our side, except maybe Rand Paul, could do better,” Graham said on CBS’ “Face The Nation.”

Considering Graham’s Status as a Bikini Model for the Establishment Republicans, there could be no better endorsement for Rand Paul.

Look, I’ve not thrown in yet with a Primary Republican Candidate… but the only thing remaining that could cement the deal for me is if John McCain took a Public Slap at Paul.  That would probably put me firmly in the Rand Camp.

But something smells fishy here.

Could it be that Lindsey is doing Rand a favor?

For such a gratuitous singling out, one might think so.

Frankly, whatever it is, there is no win here for Graham.  If he did it with ill intent… Rand Wins.  If he did it because someone in the Paul Campaign passed a white envelope stuffed full of unmarked twenties to a Graham staffer… Rand Wins.

If Lindsey really hates Rand, he might want to shut up.

I hope he doesn’t.

Maybe the Cruz folks could slide Lindsey some cash too?  McCain?  Boehner?

(Holy Crap… Lindsey Graham is on what can only be called an “Endorsement Tour” across the news nets on behalf of Rand Paul!  This had to COST A FORTUNE! 040615 17:11)

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