Spring Cleaning 2015

It’s that time of year again… and I’m taking a suggestion I gave to Idiotprufs.  I’m going to run all of my Draft titles together in one post. And then send them to the trash.

I’ve thought about how I wanted to present this stream of consciousness and made the decision to begin at the oldest then work to the latest. Unless punctuation was present in the title it will not appear.

This will probably suck. But I threw away the bar years ago…

Ready?  Go!

I Had a Dream! Extremism in Defense of Liberty is no Vice Keeping Ideology a Dirty Word Save Yourself! People like Rove Quantum Linguistics Fostering the Innocence of Ignorance is Power There’s no Power in a Level Playing Field The Negative Outcome Multiplier Socialism like Radiator Fluid Wander, Ponder, Pander, Plunder Liberalism; A Crisis in Confidence The Enabling Act A Nation of Tyrants The Perpetually Dissatisfied Inspiration Dog Ears What Would I tell my Son? Bio-Marxism Artificial Stupidity When your Dog Bites You The Left’s Love Affair with Subjectivity Stupid Shoes Who’s Watching the Watchers Against All Odds The Upside of Panic A Mandate They would Rather not Have Does He have a Clue 10lbs of Gruber in a 5lb Bag Gruberis Tearing Down the Tent Turkey Ice Cream Christmas Cookies You Can It! The Wringing of Hands Lonely Socks MSU Removing all that is Not David Driving Past It Semantics You Hate the State you Helped Create Once Upon a Time there was a Fat Communist Freedom and Anonymity Obama Grew Up a Communist Bacon Porn Adickted Man Commits Suicide after Eating Pot Candy Ted Cruz is an Idiot! Be Here moments Government with a Heart The Propaganda of Truth The Scent of Disillusionment Stupid on the Face of It Hiding Behind Nuance The Agin’ Cajun The Great Divide Remember Benghazi, the NSA Spying on You and the IRS Targeting the Administrations Political Enemies? Me Neither.

Some of these fit together quite well…

My personal favorite is …a Communist Bacon Porn Adickted Man Commits Suicide agfter eating Pot Candy Ted Cruz…

More than Four titles in there.

Now that I think about it, I too would commit suicide if I was Bacon Porn Adickted.  Purely from despair.  There is a serious lack of Bacon Porn out there.

I Might Have a New Dream!

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