Iomazenil anyone?

OK. Yes, I’m straying dangerously away from the reservation on this one. No, I have yet to begin drinking… “yet” is operative. Soon… very soon…
Typically I dismiss reported “increases” of tragic events such as small aircraft accidents and shark attacks. Usually the only increased occurence is that some editor decided to give a story prominence and subsequently other news room editors follow suit for a number of days or weeks… simply reporting what otherwise would go unnoticed.
However, I feel differently in regard to the second member of a flight crew “flipping out”. This event would never go unnoticed and given the proximity in time I find it more than a coincidence.
I’m going to float a very unqualified theory. We, as the rest of the world, have been experimenting with pro-psychotic drugs for years. This has been done for various reasons… some savory, some un-savory.  Iomazenil is one of a number of such drugs.
The questions I will pose are; If you want to bring down airplanes and can’t get aboard anymore, how would you do it? How do you get into a locked cockpit? How do you create terror on an airplane that cannot be detected quickly and stopped?
Drug the flight crew.
The drug would have to be slow acting and turn an otherwise trustworthy individual into a psychotic mess. The terrorist would have to have access to the crew at a time that they would be consuming something… anything… that such a drug (in an appropriate dosage) could be administered without them being aware of it.
The flight would need to be long enough to allow the drug time to take effect.
Iomazenil, or something in this class could be the answer. The below link will take you to a study utilizing Iomazenil.
While Iomazenil seems to only affect those pre-disposed to schizophrenia, who knows what it could do in higher doses or for that matter to those individuals who might have a very mild pre-disposition diagnosed as something else like Bi-Polar disorder or Depression.
Could this be a new approach by the bad actors?
OK doc’s… I know you are out there and I’m ready for you all to let me have it. Given that this is not my area of expertise… or anywhere close to it… I welcome you all calling me crazy – just tell me why.
If I were in charge of the investigations I might be interested in tox-screens to start, and then tracing back the crews immediate where-abouts prior to the flight. I would also be interested in other members of the crew as Iomazenil apparently has little or no effect on those without some type/level of schizophrenia. In other words they may have also been dosed with no ill effect.
Keep in mind, this is only for “fun” as I have very little understanding of these things… so this could all be creative writing.  Probably way too many spy novels!
I look forward to your responses.



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5 responses to “Iomazenil anyone?

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  • insanitybytes22

    Interesting, Mike. Many of our recent school shootings involved medicated students, taking drugs that clearly say on the bottle, “may cause suicidal or homicidal behavior in teen-agers and adolescents.”

    I’ve long suspected that the use of drugs to alter and control behavior for nefarious purposes in the next step in our nightmare. Hitler doped his troops up with amphetamines to get better soldiers. People have had 70 years or more to study such things.

    The pharmaceutical industry is very powerful, so the suggestion that a drug could be linked to mood altering behavior and responsible for causing a public safety hazard, would likely be covered up. There would also probably be military interests involved.

    I can say, it sure seems unlikely that plane crashed simply because some co-pilot was having a bad day, but that is what we are being told.


    • Mike

      We still use amphetamines.
      This is an old post,,, and may have a bit of tin foil to it. But it’s interesting that it stands as one of my top all time viewed. Just thought I’d throw it out there again for the sake of the argument.
      Killing oneself and killing other people are very different acts, Even when they occur together. We’ll never know, and by no means does it absolve the pilot’s responsibilty for the act…

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  • Rattlesnake

    Interesting hypothesis. After I heard about the pilot freaking out, I had a similar thought, that it seemed too unlikely to be a coincidence. It seems like it could be possible that the flight crews were drugged, but I have abosulutely no expertise in this area either. I would say that I am sort of in between thinking this is just a very unlikely coincidence and that the incidents are related in some way. As to how they might be related, I’m sure I could speculate all day and never get it right.

    Anyway, I would have to assume that they would have performed a tox screen on the people who flipped out (but I have no idea of the standard procedure in such situations) and likely would have determined if they had been drugged.

    As for your overall hypothesis, I think very little is outside the realm of possibility. Again, I have no knowledge of the subject matter, so I cannot add any insight. However, this doesn’t seem like something that Islamic terrorists would do (to me, again keeping in mind of my lack of relevant knowledge), because I thought suicide was part of it. Maybe it isn’t; I don’t know.


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