Who will I be Voting for…?

A common question within my extremely small circle of friends. (Can you make a circle if you’re the only one in it? Anyway…)

I have long-held, and will continue to allow, that Socialists, Dictators and Thugs will lead me to the Right Person to vote for The Presidency of the United States.

It’s a simple Axiom.

Whoever Progressive Liberals, and their press, Hate the Most… is going to get a strong First, Second and Third look from me. Odds are they will also get my vote.

Never my Trust… But almost certainly my Vote.

Let’s see how it works this cycle…

Cruz announces tomorrow.

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One response to “Who will I be Voting for…?

  • insanitybytes22

    That’s somewhat funny, Mike. I call that same thing my bass akwards approach to politics. Anybody hated and dismissed by the powers that be, is usually worth taking a second look at. Conversely, whenever you see people chanting weird slogans and fainting at political rallies, that’s usually a bad sign.

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