The Miserables

Expecting the Government to do Something for You…Makes you a Slave.

Such expectation is what makes you as Miserable as you are.

This is just another example of framing your life on faulty premises.

The Government is not supposed to ‘do things for you’.

You are supposed to do things for You.

Government is supposed to do only what is out lined in the Constitution of the United States… nothing more.

But you have created an idea that the FederalGovernment is supposed to ‘care for you’.

And you’re upset, angry even, that they don’t do enough ‘caring for you’. In fact, you’re Always Angry.

Those who wish to control you know this. And they use it to Stay in Power.

Meanwhile you ignore… chastise… belittle… those who wish to return Government to its proper role, because you can’t decouple yourself from the enslaving premise that Government exists to do things for You… to Care.

Those who wish to control you are now removing all your ownership of what should be rightfully yours. Your Money… your Healthcare… your ability to make decisions for yourself.

You’re getting what you say you want, and clearly deserve.



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