The Master Religion

We did the Master Race…
Over 12 Million Dead.

We did the Master State…
Over 80 Million Dead.

Now we find ourselves at War with the Master Religion.
How many will have to die before we take it seriously?

We are witnessing the Death of Reason.

Because of this, we are seeing the Intellectually Handicapped attempting to revive the First two Ideologies which wrought profound Oppression, Destruction and Death upon Individuals Worldwide.

And we have ‘Leadership’ in the United States adopting a “Those Who Must Not Be Named” Foreign Policy as a best effort to confront this latest iteration of the Global Domination Game.

Until we embrace The Individual as the Ultimate Minority deserving the Ultimate Protection…

We are Doomed to repeat the error’s of the past.

It’s so Simple, it makes it Impossible to explain to all those whose lives these Master Ideologies will Destroy.


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4 responses to “The Master Religion

  • xPraetorius

    Well said, Mike! Yet another way in which Islam resembles Nazism and Communism, or, if you prefer: Socialism in general. Socialislam!


    — x


    • Mike

      Ha! Socialislam. Dang…. I will have to send you residuals now!


      • xPraetorius

        None needed. You are one of the few who can use it for free. I did Fascislam and Communislam too, but I figured that all was just muddying the waters.

        I made the parallel between socialism and Islam (though, I think you made it first, darn ya!), and communism and fascism are just flavors of socialism.

        Hence, “Socialislam.”

        There’s certainly no such thing as capitalislam — at least not in the leadership of islamic countries. Interestingly, unencumbered by state coercion and regulation, muslim arabs are known as some of the greatest hagglers and bargainers — in the grand tradition of a genuine free market — in the world.


        — x

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