David Karp, Tumblr CEO, intellectually tumbles down mine shaft during Net Neutrality debate

The Left always stops half-way to the truth… because the truth is not what they want to hear.
It’s also our fault. We have stopped teaching the brilliance of Free-markets. This guy enjoys his success exactly because of this paradigm… the very paradigm he carries the banner to destroy.

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David Krap clueless net neutralityTumblr CEO David Karp is one of a small group of individuals who has influenced the Obama administration behind the scenes on Net Neutrality. On Feb. 24th he appeared on CNBC’s Squawk Box to talk about the White House’s plan to treat broadband services like a public utility. The segment featured him tumbling down an intellectual mine shaft after the least bit of push-back from the panel.

Please — I urge you — watch as the guy who runs a digital playground for socialist kids everywhere shows why the self-appointed masters of the universe should have no say in how to “fix” the Internet (that was never broken to begin with).

Rebecca Quick: If you talk to someone like AT&T — Randal Stevenson — he will say right now they more capital expenditures than any company in America. They have invested heavily to build their network. And that if you…

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