Why the IRS matters.

The BIG question is, does the IRS scandal matter?

I say yes, it does.

Here’s why:

For almost 100 years the Left in this country has spent untold treasure, and untold man hours, crafting arguments that pit one group against another.

The creation and nurturing of these groups is called Balkanization.

It is the political tactic of getting individuals to identify with a small group sharing similar interests, then pitting them against other small groups who seem to oppose said interests.  The outcome of this manipulation, they hope, is to gain one or the other small groups support in the form of money, and votes, come election time.  We have all seen this.  While it is certainly found on both sides of the aisle, it is the sole motivator used by the Socialists.  It is the proverbial “Us vs. Them”, whomever that may be.  The reason this is the foundation of Socialist politics can be found when individuals educate themselves as to what Socialism is… then recoil in disgust.  Because of this common reaction to Progressive ideology, they are left with identity politics.

The upside for the Statist Left is it distracts us from the paramount task of protecting our Natural Right to Indivdual Feedom and Liberty as outlined in our Founding Documents… what is otherwise a unifying cause.

There is fantastic writing on this phenomena out there, so will I not bore you.

But, what makes the IRS scandal important is the unifying effect it has on the population.  No matter who you are, if you are productive in any way, you are afraid of the IRS.  They have enjoyed that power, fostered it since their inception.  The rub for Liberals lies in the Unity part…

When your entire political success relies on small groups that you keep mad at those you consider your enemy, things start to fall apart when everybody unites.  And, everybody is uniting in outrage over the IRS scandal.  This makes for a very interesting tap dance the Left must perform in order to retain their base (by feigning outrage along with them) while also trying to defend and preserve the fear the IRS reputation evokes.  They must have a complicated, unintelligible, unnavigable tax code allowing unlimited power over the population and it’s productivity.  Socialism requires “special people” with the authority to redistribute wealth.

If you doubt me, you will have plenty of opportunity to see for yourself over the next week or so.  During the hearings look for your local Leftist and count the number of “but’s” in their statements and questions.  In other words, they will start by saying how unbelievable… horrible… terrible… it is for the IRS to target certain groups “BUT”… and then they will go on to defend its legality, or justify it in some way.  They simply cannot lose the power of the IRS.  Liberals on both sides of the aisle know and love the power they find in the U.S. tax code.

For the Socialists, government exists to take your money and give it to someone else… and you’re supposed to love it.  Or at the very least fear it.  Caligula had a famous quote; “Let them Hate me, so long as they Fear me.”

So yes, this scandal matters.  And I think it matters in a very big way.

In a Global way… in a Macro sense…

In fact, the timing could not be better… well, it could have been better.  It could have happened 50 years ago.  Anyway, it was not long ago that those who supported ideas like the Gold Standard were dismissed (after Nixon) to crazy-ville by the Liberal Left.  But time has allowed for many additional alternatives regarding taxation, from flat to consumption.

Many more individuals have become interested in the function of money.  These two facts only make it harder for those who have anointed themselves the smartest people in the room to do as they wish in regard to our economy.  Education has that effect.

So it brings us to today…

The Left has no choice but to try to shut down this IRS scandal.

They cannot afford all of us getting together and opposing something so important to the foundation of their Ideology.  The power of taxation cannot be modified in any way that reduces their ability to redistribute wealth.

They cannot afford alternative ideas designed to fund government functions which do not require one human forcing their subjective decisions upon other humans.  The individual cannot become more independent through the reduction of bureaucratic oversight and punishment.

They cannot afford to have this discussion continue much longer… particularly now that many of us know Liberals exist on both sides of the aisle and no longer fall for the old trick of party identity, but instead have endeavored to gain some ideological understanding.

While it’s a bit late, I’m happy it’s happening.

Cheers to the IRS and the Elitists who run it!  All the better to see you with…


It appears the current Mayor DeBlasio of New York is also tap dancing…


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9 responses to “Balkanization

  • thirdnews

    @danmillerinpanama’s comment is damn interesting with respect to the lack of Syrian intervention support -I would have thought his argument -from a short 4 months ago- reflective of the political mood -not so much now


  • David

    as scary as things look right now (the more you’re paying attention the scarier things look) in light of two more years of this fiasco, i’m still optimistic that america will come back from this and continue to be a great place to live and work and play.

    the death of hope is the ultimate weapon of the left so lets keep going out there everyday and doing the things that make america great.


  • danmillerinpanama

    Reblogged this on danmillerinpanama and commented:
    Excellent article, well worth reading.

    An article at American Thinker suggests that widespread war may soon occur in the Middle East and opines in its final paragraph,

    Much potential peril lies ahead.  Will the USA’s commander-in-chief be so distracted by three scandals that he can’t effectively respond to, much less proactively manage, the international crises that may soon emerge?  Is that how World War III happens during Obama’s second term?

    At least one commenter suggests that due to his consistently displayed military and other incompetence, that might well be better than were he to try to do something stupid, as is his wont. I agree. Another argues that a military crisis might unify the nation (to her detriment) behind him so that he can get out from under his various scandals with his legacy undamaged. After all, we wouldn’t want to distract “our” President from his constitutional duties as Commander-in-chief of the military! Lives depend on him!

    President Obama has willingly used our military, to its substantial detriment, to advance his political agendas; that would not surprise me. The Legitimate Media are likely to tell us to stop Balkanization, politically driven by vast right wing conspiracies. Support the President! It’s the patriotic thing to do!

    The latter scenario could benefit President Obama and give him cover that he needs but does not deserve.

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  • genomega1

    Reblogged this on News You May Have Missed and commented:
    Balkanization #tcot #Marxists


    • Mike

      Cheers and Thanks!


      • loopyloo305

        Great post but I don’t want to dash cold water on it but you said “No matter who you are, if you are productive in any way, you are afraid of the IRS”
        That my friend is a key phrase, how many of those that vote for Obama are productive? How many of them rely on EBT, or EIC every year? These are the people that are being rewarded by government, and in the case of EIC, are directly rewarded by the IRS.
        Many of them care nothing about how the country is run, instead they are quite willing to accept what those on the other side are willing to say, they have been trained to accept that anything the Republicans or Conservatives say as simply wrong, hate speech, racist and any other claim the left makes.
        These people won’t be outraged I don’t think, personally I think that many of them will be applauding the IRS actions, along with their members of Congress like Sheila Jackson Lee who say anything, whether it is the truth or not.
        God bless and I hope that I am wrong!


        • Mike

          You’re not wrong… but you’re only half right. I agree that those who are government addicted will not care. In fact, they will cheer it. However, there are huge numbers of people who “feel” they are Democrats/Liberals/Whatever typically because their parents and/or friends are. They are indeed productive, just misguided. It is this individual I’m speaking of. And, there are a great many “smart” folks out there who have built empires with inside information gleaned from their buddies in government… read fascism. We find these “productive” people on both sides of the aisle. They are sinister, as far as I’m concerned. But they also are “productive”. Don’t discount the Elitists who also fear the power of government. They make up a very large part of the Socialist Party here in the U.S. Ironically, the intimidation factor is exactly why participation within government is so attractive to them. Take a hard look at John Kerry as the archetype.


          • loopyloo305

            I hope that you are right, it is an interesting time that we live in and the next two years are going to either make us stronger or break us totally.


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