Trying to get you to Watch the Oscars…

Have you forgotten Who Votes for these Movies?

Do you REALLY think American Sniper stands a chance?

I will remind you that our Strangely Resident, Fat Canadian Communist, Michael Moore called Chris Kyle a “Coward”… Bill Maher called him a “Psychopath”… The rest of the Useful Idiots focused on the Fake Baby.

I will suggest that the Hyping of an American Sniper ‘Upset’ is just that.  Hype.

We have watched the stories predicting how “Dull” these Oscars will be.  Considering 80% of America liked the Movie American Sniper, doesn’t it stand to Reason that the Limousine Liberals of Hollywood would dangle the possibility of a Movie Everyone Went to See actually Winning?

The Left Hates this Movie.

The Left Hates Chris Kyle.

The Left is Who Votes for Who get’s Oscars.

The Left needs ratings in order to sell advertising.  (In this case do what called ‘deliver’ the ratings they guaranteed to the advertising agencies up front lest they have to ‘post’.  Posting means the Network must run extra ‘free’ commercials until they ‘deliver’ the ratings they failed to deliver during the program.)

The Left is not above Lying to You.  Frankly, They’re all about Lying to You.

Don’t be a Sucker.

If you would never otherwise watch this bunch of Hollywood Socialists congratulate themselves… then don’t do it tonight.

If Hollywood ‘see’s the light’ and Sniper wins, you’ll hear about it tomorrow.

But it won’t, and you won’t.


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One response to “Trying to get you to Watch the Oscars…

  • insanitybytes22

    Yep, words of wisdom there. I stopped watching the self congratulation a while back. It’s repetitive, boring and predictable. But they’re always welcome to surprise me, in which case I’ll hear about on the news or the internet somewhere..

    Liked by 1 person

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