• nuance
    [ ˈn(y)o͞oˌäns ]

    a subtle difference in or shade of meaning, expression, or sound:
    “the nuances of facial expression and body language”
    synonyms: fine distinction · subtle difference · shade · shading · gradation ·

    give nuances to:
    “the effect of the music is nuanced by the social situation of listeners”
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The New Liberal-Democrat-Progressive-Elitist way of telling you “You’re Stupid“.

Expect the Grubering to increase as the questioning of Our President’s Policies increase from his own voters.

It will just be Nuanced.



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7 responses to “Nuance

  • insanitybytes22

    I admit I am stupid and powerless to stop it, but I just cannot seem to see the nuance in the “future does not belong to the those who insult the Prophet of Islam” or “what we need to do is make sure these extremists have adequate job training” or “help me to fundamentally change America.” I know there’s a secret diabolical plot of goodness right beneath the surface and what I am witnessing in simply a blank slate playing 11 dimensional chess, but just the same I remain rather confused by all these nuances.


  • superslaviswife

    It’s my favourite argument yet. “Reductionist.” “It’s more nuanced.” “It’s about more than that.” I generally ignore them and press for an actual answer or respond to any real points they make. Eventually they melt down.


    • Mike

      I have found that “Why?” and “Please define what you mean by…” to be the enemy of the Left.


      • superslaviswife

        Yep. And if you ignore their derailing tactics they eventually feel attention starved and come back to make an actual point. It may be a weak point or a daft point, but withdraw the attention and they start trying to talk again. It’s like sixty to eighty percent of my generation collectively developed some mutant form of borderline personality disorder.


  • David

    Interesting how if you offer an absurd explantion, one grounded in absolute fantasy and ignorance and people tell you that your theory is ridiculous, THEY must be too stupid to understand it.


    • Mike

      Like all of the Leftist arguments from Global Cooling/Global Warming/Climate Change… to Net Neutrality and Reparations. It’s all ridiculous and fails even a cursury review of Reason. But it’s never about solutions to problems… it’s always and only about Control from the top down. If they really wanted to have cogent conversation and debate their influence would evaporate… and they know it.


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