Where in the World is Jenny McCarthy?

The Butcher and I have been exchanging some comments which led me to repost my letter to Jenny…

An Open Letter to Jenny McCarthy:  070914 11am

Dear Ms. McCarthy,

I have to confess that I’ve followed your work since the long ago days of burping on Live TV,  Playboy and Fart Jokes.  But I have paid particular attention to your efforts over the last decade to ‘protect’ children from inoculations which you have decided cause diseases such as, but not limited to, Autism, Asperger’s and Mental Retardation.  The energy you have put into your efforts cannot be described as anything less than remarkable.

Because of your success in convincing so many American parents to ‘save’ their children from inoculations I feel compelled to point something out.

As I type this letter hundreds of thousands of children who have arrived in the United States illegally are being inserted into our public school system all over the Nation.

Allow me to restate what I just tapped out;

Hundreds of Thousands of medically unscreened children, some who have already exhibited ailments ranging from Head Lice and Scabies to Measles and TB, are being absorbed into groups of un-inoculated children of parents who believe the things you decided were true.

For that matter, Ms. McCarthy, there may even be some of those same parents… and Teachers… who abide by your understanding and interpretation of medical science.

With that in mind it then becomes relevant that the CDC (Center for Disease Control) has seen it necessary to quietly install, and bolster existing, emergency response centers across the nation because of the influx of the aforementioned illegal, unscreened, sick children.

I was hoping to appeal to your sense of caring for others by asking you to create a Mailing Address which the above parents, teachers and soon to be infected children can send their thanks.  In addition I would hope you could find a vehicle, possibly those microphones and magazine pages you utilized to campaign for anti-inoculations, to let the public know where to send their letters of appreciation.

I have Complete Faith you will do the Right Thing.

Appropriate Regards, Mike

(Here they come…)

(Feds allow sick to stay)

(How Many will your School Get?  It’s a Secret.)

Originally posted 070914


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7 responses to “Where in the World is Jenny McCarthy?

  • insanitybytes22

    It is a surprisingly difficult issue, Mike. I’m somewhat heartened to learn that 51% do not trust their government to administer vaccines. Why we now trust them to administer everything else is beyond me. On the flip side, that is also somewhat disheartening because few will now proceed to make informed choices and use some common sense.

    Autism is a huge issue and I think one problem we have is the Gov has failed miserably to address it. There has been a huge increase in autism and nobody really knows why. The Gov has been so closed mouth about it and so resistant to even discussing it, that they actually breed conspiracy theories whether one exists or not.


    • Mike

      IB, I know a little bit about autism as it is close to home here.
      I will tell you that the ‘explosion’ is yet another hype we have succombed to.
      There are several problems…
      First, we have assigned texpayer dollars for school to address specifically autistic students. The $ is alloted to those schools based on the number of ‘diagnosed’ children. Here’s the rub, we gave the ability to diagnose children to school admiinistrators…
      Not amazingly the number of diagnosed children skyrocketed.
      And, the number of children with MR decreased. So not only have children been moved from a diagnosis of MR to one of Autism, some children who would ahve otherwise fallen into a catagory of hyperactive now are been ‘found’ to fall into the incredibly wide spectrum of Autism.
      Second, all of the numbers you regularly see are exprapolated from a single county outside of Atlanta. One counties numbers generated by the above teachers have supplied us with a metric which is specious at best… possible criminal given diagnosis by teachers with the intent to generate more funding for their schools.
      Autism is a real thing… we know this. There have been tremendous strides in addressing some of these kids… but the dollars are being misdirected, and wasted, by many school districts. Not to mention giving ammo to Foolish anti-vaccine Folks.

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      • insanitybytes22

        Hmm, wouldn’t surprise me at all if the numbers had been hyped. I have seen schools misdiagnose kids just to keep those dollars rolling in.

        Some of the anti-vacc people really can be dumber than a box of rocks and it’s annoying because there are some valid concerns being addressed. We’ve recalled a few vaccs as well as improving on them to prevent adverse reactions. Polio for example used to be live, making it contagious to those who had never been immunized, but today it is not.


  • xPraetorius

    You are at your sarcastic best here. I’m afraid, however, that your words will bounce right off the rock noggins of those who believe as Miss McCarthy does. That in no way relieves you of the responsibility of producing further outstanding posts like this one.

    One does, after all, need to make an effort. 🙂


    — x


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