Free Speech has Limits?

Pope Francis explains Free Speech has Limits…


Do I have any Catholic readers out there who can explain this to me?

I’m fully open to cogent arguments on this.

To start things off, I would offer that one’s reaction to Free Speech has Limits.  In other words, you can if you choose answer Free Speech with More Free Speech.  However, the Pope goes as far as stating violence, if someone where to insult his mother, should be expected with the implication it would be acceptable.  Expected or not, it is the Acceptable part, even the implication of it, I have the problem.

Anyone want to take a shot on how Free Speech can have Limitations?

If so, who exactly will be in charge of deciding what those Limitations are?

If it only applies to One’s Faith, then what about Religious atheists?  Religious Communists?  Religious Satanists?  Religious Cults who practice everything from Pedophilia to Human Sacrifice?

Or is it strictly up to the Pope to decide?  What about the 12th Imam?  Or any Imam de jour?  Rabbi’s?  Monks?  Drunks?

As I have explained before, Liberal Socialists LOVE subjectivity.  In their mind it puts them in charge of what’s OK and what is not, a genuinely potent power to have.  You add the ability to Force and you have a recipe for Oppression, Death and Destruction.  (Regarding Pope Francis, if he see himself as the head of State then his is a Theocracy which is a distinction without a difference when it is compared to Socialist/Statist Governing Theory.)

Speech is either Free, or it is not.

Alright… Go!


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