Faux polar bear figures

The Soft, Furry Cold Truth…

Watts Up With That?

Susan Crockford, Special to Financial Post (republished at WUWT with permission from the author)

polarbear_billboardPolar bears are a conservation success story. However, you’d never know that from the output of polar bear researchers, who lately seem to have forgotten that the most crucial part of their job is the unbiased collection and presentation of scientific data.

The most recent example of this disturbing conduct came to light this fall. A new peer-reviewed paper hyped by the media was published by a research team that included several senior biologists belonging to the Polar Bear Specialist Group (PBSG). The PBSG was formed to summarize information mandated by the 1973 Arctic treaty to protect polar bears from overhunting.

Co-authors of the new paper included American PBSG members Steven Amstrup and Eric Regehr, as well as Canadian members Ian Stirling and Andrew Derocher. The researchers took population estimates from a previous study (conducted 2001-2006)…

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