Les evenements

Excellent thoughts on the French events involving Islamo-Fascist Terrorists.

All Along the Watchtower


The cartoonists murdered by gun-men claiming to be revenging Islam’s prophets were plying one of distinctive aspects of the society which so many come to the West to enjoy – liberty; the best tribute to them is to ensure that liberty is maintained. It is many years since I read copy of Charlie Hebdo. I exercised my freedom of expression in the way civilised people do, by not purchasing a magazine which made a speciality of insulting my Church and my faith. I found the cartoons neither witty nor well-drawn, with racial stereotypes far too in evidence; still, that was its style, and if you didn’t like it, as I didn’t, you could do that thing people are free to do – ignore the thing

The Liberal leader, Nick Clegg, has rightly said that there is ‘no right not to be offended’. Absolute free speech has long been abrogated in…

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2 responses to “Les evenements

  • xPraetorius

    Good find, Mike! This guy makes some good points. I’ve seen copies of Charlie Hebdo, and agree with his assessment of it. It was generally, childish and stupid. It was, of course, virulently left-wing. Its main raison d’être seemed to be to offend just for the sake of offending.

    Artistically, or literarily, none of the murdered cartoonists contributed anything of any lasting value, that I know of.

    However, and it’s a big ‘un, there was no reason to deprive them of their lives. I do take the Christian view of it: Every life taken prematurely is that of a person deprived of his chance at redemption, if he needed it.

    Their irreverence, as the writer of the essay points out, was abusive and pointedly meant to cause offense. These guys probably were in serious need of good ol’fashioned Christian redemption!

    It is, nonetheless, the responsibility of everyone to be impossible to offend. If we all were impossible to offend, then there would be no “Charlie Hebdo’s” because they’d be perfectly irrelevant, and would sell no copies.


    — x


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