Adolf Hitler – Right-Winger? Uhhh…No. (Part 9)


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As some of you are no doubt aware, we’ve been working on a long-running series on Adolf Hitler and his political predilections. We concluded that, far from being a right-winger, Hitler was decidedly a left-wing, socialist figure. As he himself claimed. We even argued with others on other blogs about this point. Here for example.

Furthermore, we indicated that others are coming around to our way of thinking as well. That thinking can be summed up as follows:

If it resembles everything left-wing, and nothing right-wing, then it’s probably left-wing. No matter what others may claim it to be.

But, but, but … you’ll say, what about historical consensus? Consensus in history is like any other consensus. If it’s right it’s right, but if it’s wrong it’s wrong.

People who believe Hitler was a right-winger are today’s flat-earthers. The scientific “consensus” some years back was that the…

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