Why is Fair a Dirty Word?

Many of us think all things should be Fair.

But this thought illustrates two things about us…

First, we cannot comprehend that fairness does not, nor will, ever exist anywhere in nature.

Second, it shows our predisposition to Envy those around us, because if we didn’t there would be no need to seek a platitude like “Fair”.

Yet, This is what motivates Outcome based Egalitarians, Progressives, Democrats, Liberals and Leftists of all stripes.


Because Envy is powerful… ,

Balkanization Easy,

And Economic Understanding weak.




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2 responses to “Why is Fair a Dirty Word?

  • David

    Fair also steals adversity. Adverse conditions motivate many to push through fear, dig deep to create and find the drive to better their lives.

    Handouts and entitlements driven by “Fairness” take that away from us.

    In my opinion this is the real shame of “Fair”.


  • thirdnews

    The absence of fairness, either artificially induced, or just fated, is the greatest motivator to man, and the enemy of absolutism


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