Jesus was a Socialist!

(On the heels of the World discovering Pope Francis subscribes to a very Old concept of Religion as Government and Redistribution as Law combined with a doomed to obscurity no-nothing like Ed Schultz on MSNBC proclaiming direct access to God and what God would approve of in terms of Insurance being Forced Upon Human Beings, I thought this might be worth a repost.)

How can any right-wing idiot disagree with such an obvious statement?

OK… I’m going way out on a limb here.

Theology is not my area of expertise, but I’m willing to bet it’s not yours either.  I have read both Testaments front to back.  I refer to them and many other works often, most of the time to correct my thinking in regard to what they actually “said”.  (Yes, I too fall into the trap once in a while of believing what other people tell me instead of reading it for myself.  I think this is an epidemic problem but I digress.)  I have learned to trust… but verify.

So let’s work through this, shall we?

Jesus believed we should be charitable.

Jesus believed we should care for the poor.

Jesus believed we should treat others the way we would wish to be treated.  (History has never shown Socialists to be particularly tolerant and if they treated their opposition the way they wished to be treated they never mentioned it.  I know a WHOLE lot about this… but I’ll save you for the moment.  Refer to “Killer of Men.”)

Jesus believed in his Father, God, as the highest power known to man.  (Socialists do not subscribe to a power higher than the State. All faith must be placed in the communal system.  If the State is your God then you are good to go!  If not… then Your quest with spirituality is your and yours alone as an individual.)

Jesus believed you should and have to be Forced to “do the right thing”.   (That’s right!  He.. uh.. wait…  I can’t seem to find that last one in the gospels.  At least not the synoptic texts.  Anyone?  Tossing some tables of intruders who set up shop in your house does not count.  I throw people out of my house all the time… they’re free to stand out on the sidewalk.)

This is the problem with what sometimes seems an obvious statement, it is often wrong.  Very wrong.

Socialism/Statism requires Force.  It’s fine to think others SHOULD do something (as Jesus did), but that does not make you a Socialist, Theocrat or Communist etc.  It is when you seek to apply Force, which we have reserved to government, to MAKE people do what you think is right that elevates you to one of the aforementioned classes.

I am open to being corrected, preferably by someone with a Theological background.  But until I can be enlightened, so to speak, I have to simply reply to such a statement as “Jesus was a Socialist!” with “No.  He was not.”

However, We can ask Him when he get’s back.

(Originally posted 020612)

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6 responses to “Jesus was a Socialist!

  • bluebird of bitterness

    I sometimes get into knock-down-drag-out arguments on Facebook with a leftist who honestly believes that a) Jesus was a socialist and b) we must be socialists if we want to be true Christians. It’s appalling that anyone can be stupid enough to believe that kind of BS.


    • Mike

      The deciding factor is always Force. Christ did not force anyone to do anything. As far as being true Christians, how one chooses to lead their life is theirs to choose. Which I’m pretty sure, while outside of my area of specialty, is the point.

      Freedom to Choose is not a Socialist axiom.

      Forcing others to do what you want them to is not a Christian virtue… although there are those who call themselves Christians who act like it is.

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  • Rusty Shackleford

    Being Christian doesn’t force anyone to do anything. But Christians can and do guilt the hell out of you if you don’t do everything exactly like Jesus would. Or at least by what they’ve been told by someone else who’s read the book and has the own interpretation. Good point being, “trust, then verify.”


  • Amused

    Are you describing socialism or communism?


    • Mike

      My “formal” background is in Russian studies. From that point of view, Socialism is Communism is Fascism etc. All are “Statist” with very minor (your leftist professor would say MAJOR) variations.
      These are often confusing because there has been a concerted effort to draw distinctions without a difference within the spectrum of leftist ideology. This is only useful when “the best of intention” folks want to disown the Nazi’s and Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao etc. “They were horrible, so let’s try the collective effort this way instead…” It has always amazed me that those who believe the sheep need to be led never seem to count themselves among the sheep. But that may be another post… in fact…

      So the simplest answer to your question is “Yes.”

      The dissonance leading you to your question is common, many would like Socialism to be the happy alternative to Communism versus the incremental path it actually is. If you think about it you might find that tenets of modern Liberalism/Socialism/Communism/Fascism/Theocracy (Statism) all require force in order to get the masses to do what the smart folks think is right. (ie. social engineering designed to effect what you should eat, what light bulbs to use, whether or not to smoke, who you can marry, what kind of car to buy etc.) This mind set assumes that the individual either doesn’t know or if they do they don’t care and must be “nudged” in the “right” direction. You should know, I include many “social” conservatives (Theocrats) in this group and do not draw “party” distinctions. ever. That is a trap set for fools…

      Speaking of which, I like your banner of Bosch. Clever.


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