Is American Individualism a Myth?

Is this true? Or, is this just how those who see themselves as Elite view you… and the world? (Isn’t this why America is called the great experiment? With the rest of the world, why do such people feel consumed with desire to change this one country?)

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3 responses to “Is American Individualism a Myth?

  • David

    I agree in part with Preatorius’ “because they can” theory, but as he says it’s more than just that.

    Why do some people work so hard to force others to do things the way they think things should be done?

    Take abortion as just one example. I have a strong belief that what one does with their own body is nobody’s business but their own. I also believe that abortion involves taking a life so I choose not to do it, but I would never force another to make the choice that I think they should make, that decision is theirs to make.

    Whatever Karmic or Spiritual debt that an abortion creates or does not create is none of my business. It is solely the business of the person making the choice.

    But there are those among us that would prevent abortion with force. There are those among us who Kill abortion doctors and would kill those seeking the abortion because they think everyone should be forced to behave the way they would behave.



    • Mike

      Kill those seeking the abortion?

      Sounds like two different groups of assailants. Both ‘thugs’, but different angles.

      Yes… Force, regardless of who is it wielded by is problematic.

      As you might know, I consider the abortion debate one of the last great discussions worthy of the energy expended on it. Respect for life should be paramount, but there’s the rub. Respect for the Individual must come first. I tend to fall with Rand in this and my default position will always be with the Individual. So the only question left for me is when does one become an individual?

      It’s a good one and worth the fight at that, and only that, level. As far as I’m concerned.


  • xPraetorius

    “With the rest of the world, why do such people feel consumed with desire to change this one country?”

    This question alone is worth its own post. Surely the answer to it has many parts, but one of them is: because they can. In America, they can whine about how terrible it is here, without the slightest worry over their own safety or well-being. In fact, there is often quite a handsome living to be made in whining about how awful it is in America.(1)

    In so many other countries around the world, simply to suggest that there might be something wrong is to risk a one-way trip to a gulag, or worse.

    Another relevant question: “Why don’t people use the manifest and manifold freedoms here in America to push for change in other hellholes around the world?”

    I mean, it’s not as if the world is lacking for such hellholes…

    Surely the answer to that question has several parts also, but one of them is: to work for change in hellholes around the world is to throw into question the sacrosanct religion of the American left: socialism; the universal cause of hellholes around the world.


    — x

    (1) Coincidentally, this is also a sub-topic of our most recent post. That’s one of the reasons I enjoy this blog so much. We often think of, and address, the same thing at the same time


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