I Too have been mistaken for The First Lady of the United States

Like Michelle Obama, I have also been asked to help retrieve an item from the top shelf of a store.

While it was not a Target Store as in the her case, it was a grocery store.  In fact, now that I think about it, I’ve been asked to do this many times in my life.

You see, Michelle and I share something.

Aside from both of us being around 6′ tall since middle school, and both of us apparently resembling First Ladies, we both are victims of Racism.

I feel her pain.

I know… I’m a Middle Aged White Guy…

But that changes nothing.

It’s clear the little old lady that asked me to help her had nothing but Racism on her mind. (Not the jar of capers she couldn’t reach.  And… only racists eat capers anyway.)

So, it happened just exactly like the person who supposedly asked the First Lady to help them retrieve whatever it was they asked her to help them retrieve from the top shelf. Racism Pure and Simple!  How could it be anything else?  (Although, She might have had bad eyesight…  which could explain why she thought I was Michelle Obama… and I was running around the store telling people what groceries they should be allowed to buy.  It should also be noted that I was not surrounded by plain clothes Secret Service Agents, not that anyone would notice… in a Target… )

So there you have it.

Just another True Story of Racism in today’s United States.

You are all horrible people.

Not me though… I’m just drunk.

(And Hey! If you’re out there you little old racist lady, I’m NOT the First Lady of the United States! Get a ladder!)

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8 responses to “I Too have been mistaken for The First Lady of the United States

  • bluebird of bitterness

    My husband is six and a half feet tall and has been called upon to reach things on high shelves for short people for more than half a century. He also gets conscripted to change light bulbs in ceiling lights, since he can do it without climbing on a chair and risking injury. If that’s the worst problem a person has, then he/she has it better than about 95% of humanity (conservative estimate) and should quit complaining.


  • xPraetorius

    Well done, Mike!

    I have to admit I too have been the victim of massive racial discrimination. I’m 6’4″, and have been hauling things down off top shelves for others — like a common servant! — for decades!

    What other explanation but racism could there be for such abuse?


    — x

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  • David

    It’s the ol’ adage, Is the glass half full or is it half empty?

    In the world right now I am asking the question, “Are humans generally good or are they generally evil?’ It seems that we hate more easily than we love.

    In our country right now we have become so easily divided. Why do we so easily hate each other. Why did we elect leaders who want to divide us?

    Are we good or bad? Why isn’t our default position one of love?


  • danmillerinpanama

    Here’s a different account by our belle Michele of the same or a similar incident.

    “That’s my Target run. I went to Target,” she said. “I thought I was undercover. I have to tell you something about this trip though. No one knew that was me because a woman actually walked up to me, right? I was in the detergent aisle, and she said — I kid you not — she said, ‘Excuse me, I just have to ask you something,’ and I thought, ‘Oh, cover’s blown.’ She said, ‘Can you reach on that shelf and hand me the detergent?’ I kid you not.”

    As the audience laughed, she went on, “And the only thing she said — I reached up, ’cause she was short, and I reached up, pulled it down — she said, ‘Well, you didn’t have to make it look so easy.’ That was my interaction. I felt so good. … She had no idea who I was. I thought, as soon as she walked up — I was with my assistant, and I said, ‘This is it, it’s over. We’re going to have to leave.’ She just needed the detergent.”

    Oh well, I guess she has changed her mind.

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  • insanitybytes22

    LOL, thanks I needed a good laugh today. So Marie Antoinette didn’t like being mistaken for one of the little people, huh? I hate it when that happens to me too.


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