FCC Plans Stealth Internet Tax Increase

A ‘Solution’ looking for a problem? Or another example of Lying to the Stupid People because it’s best for them? The internet is doing just fine. It does not need the help of the Government. And to argue it does assumes technology will never improve and Free-Markets don’t work… when demonstrably both have when it comes to the Internet. There is no logical reason to regulate it other than a new revenue stream and controlling content.
It’s ironic that the same kids who “want to get the money out of politics” are behind this initiative. It is the power politicians have to spiff their friends which drives the money into their campaign coffers. Giving the same politicians brand new power over the internet will only serve to drive even MORE money into politics. Yet another case of not seeing the forest for the trees.

pundit from another planet


Net neutrality isn’t something we want. It’s a threat to the Internet. It must die.

Some helpful links for those who don’t believe the graphic:

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