Repeal Obama Care.

I’m trying to put this as simply as I can.

What we had before was far, far better than what is being forced upon us now by President Obama and elected Democrats.

No more time for “fixes”. In other words, no more time to try and get more people addicted to Government Handouts… Entitlements… your tax dollars… whatever you want to call it.

Repeal this Abortion of Law Now!

Repeal it, Repeal it, Repeal it!

Stop with the “adjustments”… “a little more time”… “we just need to get it right”… hogwash.

Obama Care is Socialism pure and simple. It will not, does not nor ever will work. It can not, has not and does not work anywhere in the world.

Repeal the “Affordable” Care Act Now!

Now! Now! Now!

And if you can’t, elect those who will!

That is the only criteria for their election… they do not need to offer up “an alternative” as what we had before worked. They do not need to propose “how to fix” this current Communist approach to the world. They do not need to do anything other than Repeal this POS and do everything they can to stop another 100 Million people from losing their Health Insurance.

Have I made my point John B.?



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One response to “Repeal Obama Care.

  • xPraetorius


    It’s kind of like slavery (socialism and slavery are largely the same thing). No one says that “a little slavery’s okay.” Everyone says, correctly, there’s no point in having any slavery at all. It is an affirmative act of good to get rid of a really bad thing. Obamacare’s a really bad thing.

    Time to get rid of it.


    — x


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