So if We Stop Paying you Altogether?

IRS Commissioner Golem: “You really do get what you pay for.”

John Koskinen predicts a terrible 2015 tax season.  And, of course, it’s Your fault.

No… it’s not that the IRS targets political enemies instead of sticking to it’s job.

No… it’s not that the Tax Code is intentionally so complicated as to make sure you’re guilty of Something at all times.

No… it’s not that the IRS is top-heavy with career bureaucrats because of Public Sector Unions and our inability to reduce redundant Government Jobs.

No… it’s not because all the Onerous Socialist Obama Care Taxes and Fines start in 2015… because they do.

No… it’s not because the IRS is made up of a bunch of Power Hungry Progressive Elitists.  Well.. actually… okay, it kind of is….


It’s YOUR Fault because you don’t seem to be up for continuing to send more of your hard-earned money to Government, particularly the IRS, in the hope they will do MORE of the Above.


You Must be Punished.

And this time you may not even have to be associated with a specific Political Ideology.


They’re going to make sure you get as much as they can shove in.

You’re Welcome.



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