Joni Ernst ‘Forgets’ to mention Obama Care

In her acceptance speech last night…

Once you got past the odd forced laugh…

Joni Ernst mentioned all the Primary Ill’s the latest Crop of Socialists have foisted upon the American People, save one very big one.

Joni forgot to mention Socialized Medicine. For some reason, it seems she skipped over the Abortion that is Obama Care… the Crown Jewel of Socialism.

For the record, I’m pleased she won.

However, Now the watching starts.

Forgive me for not believing in those we elect to do what we elected them to do…

… but I am a horrid Cynic. My brief stay on this planet has made me this way.

We’re not going to vote and walk away as has been the habit of the last 50 years.

I’m sure it’s an oversight on Senator Ernst’s part.

So I’ll stay tuned.


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6 responses to “Joni Ernst ‘Forgets’ to mention Obama Care

  • Invisible Mikey

    The PPACA (Obamacare) is here to stay. The GOP doesn’t have the numbers to override a presidential veto, and if they try they’ll surely get one. Ernst probably understands this.


    • Mike

      I do not subscribe to your premise. It is a law… just as slavery was. It’s poison and must be repealed.

      If a Veto is in the wings, then put him on record for the American Public to see clearly that the President of the United States refuses to recognize the ‘unintended’ consequences of His Signature Socialized Medicine.

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      • Invisible Mikey

        Obama has nothing to lose by veto. He’s not running for re-election. I understand you think it’s a terrible law. I’m not debating that. I’m pointing out what’s most likely to happen based on human behavior.


        • Mike

          His party does. As President he remain the Leader of the Party. His behavior will also force any Democrat Presidential hopefuls to go on record as well.

          Sending him Repeal Bills (As a whole in addition to follow up piecemeal) every week for two years is exactly the right tactic.

          The fact that Socialized Medicine is the final piece of the Socialist Puzzle must be made clear for the American Public. It was the last institution the Leftists had not wrested full control over. Now they have it and intend to cement their gain by eradicating Insurance Companies because in a Free Market those companies are the one who convey ‘best practices’… not the Government. And Statists cannot allow that as it doesn’t fit in their long term plans.

          So educating the American Public… and allowing them to decide their behavior with information that has been denied them… is what is being demanded of this group. Their job is to Stop the Socialization of America. If that means doing nothing but illustrating the differences between horrid Socialists and Free Market Capitalists then so be it.

          There is no bigger issue at this time in history for the United States.

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        • Mike

          Oh… and I’m glad you’re still out there Mikey.


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