Using Asphalt To Influence Politics In Canberra

When you have an Agenda, what’s the Big Deal? This is what happens when you ‘Know’ you’re right. “The Debate is Over”… “There is a Consensus”.
Once upon a Time the people who Gamed the Numbers enjoyed the protection of a Completely Left Leaning Press. They knew they would never be found out because there was no one who would report their malfeasance motivated with the supposed best of intentions. Times are Changing.
If you’re not already following Real Science… consider it. This is just one example of changing the times, intentionally for the better.

Real Science

The BOM thermometer at Canberra Airport is cleverly located adjacent to a huge parking lot, and showed 2013 as the hottest year ever. That thermometer shows Canberra warming at 3.3°C/century since 1996


Lower troposphere temperatures measured by satellites above Canberra tell a completely different story. Last year was cooler than average, and is cooling since 1996.

ScreenHunter_3695 Oct. 14 06.24

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