Mixing the Kool Aid…

The Democrat National Committee would like you to try out their latest Election Season Cocktail.

They’re filling the Trough as we Speak…  So…

Whip out your Red Solo Cup for a hefty serving of Grape Flavored Medicine.

And of Course,

It’s Free…

(Just make sure to drink it quickly. It tends to have a Bitter Aftertaste.)

Done?  OK… Wipe your mouth.

Here we go:

Is the War on Terror Over?

Is Your Healthcare Cheaper?

Is the National Debt Smaller?

Can you Keep Your Doctor?

Can you Keep Your Insurance Plan?

Is the Economy Better?

Are Prices for everyday things Going Down?

Do you think the Bill of Rights has a Number of Serious Problems?

Do you agree that you’ve never built anything?

Are you Making More Money?

Is Gitmo Closed?

Are all of our Troops Home?

Does North Korea still not have Nuclear Weapons?

Does the Constitution Live and Breathe?

Is Crime Going Down?

Are Race Relations Better?

Is Unemployment Going Down?

Is Russia just Peacefully helping out the Countries around them?

Is Job Creation Going Up?

Are Mom and Pop Businesses Thriving?

Are Welfare Rolls Going Down?

Does Calling yourself a Liberal mean you Care more about Everything?

Do you think Jobs is a three-letter word?

Is Education Getting Cheaper?

Do you believe that the Human Species is not a part of Nature?

Does the World Love us?

Is it Easier to Start A Business?

Do you think all Species on the Planet Today should be Saved except for the ones you don’t like?

Should All Debt be Forgiven?

Is it Cheaper to Travel… Anywhere?

Is Your Privacy being Protected?

Do you think it’s OK your Government is spying on you and saving All of your stuff for Future Use?

Do you Feel More Free?

Is it easier to Voice Your Opinion without Fear?

Do you believe there are 57 States?

Are your Taxes Going Down letting you Keep More of Your Money?

Are you able to Save More?

Are Your Kids Self-Sufficient and Living on Their Own?

Do you think it is a Good Idea for your Government to Sell Guns to Mexican Drug Cartels?

Does any part of ‘Spreading the Wealth Around’ make sense to you?

Is Al Qaeda on the Run?

Are Beheading’s in the Name of Islam typical workplace violence?

Is it OK that Illegal Alien Children are being placed into the Public Schools, where your kids go, without any Medical Screening?

Do you like the Idea that those same Children can choose what school They want to go to, but Your Kids Can’t?

Do you think allowing Millions of New Workers into the United States while Raising the Minimum Wage will Increase Jobs?

Are you pretty sure you’re Smarter than almost everyone except the people you vote for?

If the answer to ANY of the above is ‘No’, you will need to have another Glass…

…and Try Again.

If you have answered ‘Yes’ to all the above, whether it’s true or not, you are Ready to Rock the Vote.

You’ll just need to keep drinking the Kool-Aid for another six weeks until the Election.

Remember, the Liberal Progressive Socialist Democrats are depending on you.


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15 responses to “Mixing the Kool Aid…

  • xPraetorius

    Excellent, Mike! I love the comprehensive list. If you don’t mind, I’d like to crib it from time to time and use it in future posts.

    That is a sad, sad list… kind of ties in with a couple of posts of mine in which I asked the musical question: Is there anything in the world that is better off today for Obama’s having been President?

    Anything at all?

    The answer to that is pretty simple: Nope.


    — x


  • thetruthisstrangerthanfiction

    Hi Mike, responding here cuz I just realized that the comments were showing up on your blog thinner and thinner (I was previously responding via my “reader” page…)

    You said, “I’ve found that Elitists are willing to Do whatever they Want right in front of you while telling you they’re not doing it.” and I’d say there’s definitely a lot of truth in that!

    The fact that they are able to do most of what they do, has more to do with our own unwillingness to believe it possible, than their own efforts at being all that secretive, and yes, they do it front of our faces most of the time, as that seems to somehow be the best place to hide….

    But you don’t “believe in conspiracy”…?

    I find that kind of statement sort of ironic, because when you really think about it, we all believe in “conspiracy” on some level, it’s just that usually we are inclined to think that it’s “Those guys over there, in those psycho/backwards countries”, who are unlucky enough to have the tyrannical masterminds ruling over them, and not us. Those “morons in North Korea” don’t realize they under a dictatorship, right? But here we’re “free”!! Our own government expounds a belief in conspiracy all the time, so long as the conspirators are “terrorists” who “hate freedom” and simply want to kill as many of us as they can, which conveniently, lends itself to the message they we need our governmental overlords and their defense contractor counterparts that much more to protect us from the “bad guys”…….

    I know I’ve said it before, and you’re probably sick of hearin me say it, but u gotta start by going back to 9/11. You gotta stop and take a good look at building 7, at all of it….

    Five years ago, I didn’t believe in ANY of this. At all. I was a “normal” dude, who voted “conservative”, yet listened to lots of NPR, and tried to navigate my way through stuff from a pretty typical, “non-tinfoil-hat” kind of mindset. I almost accidentally came across the 9/11 thing, and when I first saw a video of building 7 collapsing, I thought, “Whatever…. This is a hoax. There’s no way that’s really a building that fell down on Sept. 11…”

    I started looking into it just to scratch my own “curiosity itch”. Basically just to prove this stupid theory wrong, and have a good laugh about it.

    And then things started to really unravel…..


  • thetruthisstrangerthanfiction

    so is the point I’m supposed to walk away with that you actually believe that the Republicans/”Conservatives” are where we should all pin our hopes…..?


    • Mike

      You might be interested in more of my stuff.

      In terms of an executive summary, I’m Anti-Socialist above all else. This prevents me for supporting ANY Democrat and 80% of the Republicans.

      So no… I don’t expect you to walk away with that idea. I expect you to spend more time thinking ABOUT your ideas.


      Liked by 2 people

      • thetruthisstrangerthanfiction

        Cool. I’ll definitely check out more of your writing. I do appreciate the fact that you are if nothing else, not someone who instantly falls into easily pigeon-holed categories. I admit, I struggle with having much in the way of accomplished dialogue with folks who are still deeply entrenched in partisan-thinking. I too am quite against “socialism”, although I will say that the more I research what it actually is, where it actually comes from, and who it’s creators actually are, the more I come to realize that it is not something that comes from the “Left”, or from any sort of “Liberal” mindset, in terms of the typical clichés we tend to associate with those terms, but rather socialism is a tool implemented and designed by folks who actually have been quite rich and powerful from the start (and thus, would be outwardly regarded very much as “capitalists”), and so my entire paradigm on global politics and economics has been in a process of thorough redefining over the last few years…..


        • Mike

          I’m genuinely glad your searching.

          I might recommend building a better definition of Capitalism. What we see now is Fascism being labeled as Capitalism. Fascism is simply a flavor of Socialism/Statism.

          I might recommend:

          Free to Choose
          Capitalism; The Unknown Ideal
          Is Reality Optional
          The Fatal Conceit
          The Romantic Manifesto
          Capitalism and Freedom
          Conflict of Visions
          The Mystery of Capital
          Economics in One Lesson
          Liberal Fascism

          to Start.

          Good luck… and just the fact you’re searching places you well beyond the general population.

          Cheers! Mike

          Liked by 1 person

          • thetruthisstrangerthanfiction

            Thanks for the resource list. I guess I would say that at this point, I’m coming to realize that capitalism in this country, has in fact been marred by fascist underpinnings much farther back in American history (or European history for that matter), than most of us realize.

            Central Banking might have various tentacles which can appear quite different on the surface, or even opposed to one another, but they are all connected at the same, ugly head….


            • Mike

              I can argument for and against the Fed… But the scales seem to lean against flawed Human Beings being able to influence the Markets.

              I also think you might want to think about Marx a bit more. What was going on at the time Marx saw his rise to popularity? Who was his Patron? Who became his most ardent followers initially? And why are these things important enough for some idiot like me to suggest you explore them?

              May be none of it matters… remember I’m drunk most of the time.


              • thetruthisstrangerthanfiction

                I’m not 100% sure on who Marx’s patron was, but I know who Lenin’s was.

                Same folks who funded and elevated Hitler, Mao, and countless other “enemies of the West”…

                Wall Street. 🙂

                I’d definitely be interested in hearing any argument “for” the Fed, drunk or not. Guess it would tell me what you actually know/think about what it even is in the first place….


                • Mike

                  The best argument for the Fed is in terms of defense. When a country can create, and destroy, the representation of Wealth by fiat then other countries cannot attack (effectively) it’s currency. That’s about it… Keynesians would imply the Fed is integral to positively promoting the markets direction. But first that’s not, as far as I can find in the any of the founding discussions, a function of Government and second is like a Addicted Gambler who only talks about his win’s.

                  Marx’s Patron was Engels… a Rich Aristocrat.

                  Be careful allowing your disdain to stop at Wall Street. Think about Who enables them to behave the way they behave. Then ask yourself how do you stop it? Do you expect Colonel Sanders to Guard the Chicken Coop? Return to the definition of Fascism and then recognize that Government is what causes the problems… not the solutions.

                  Read some other stuff and we’ll continue this on other posts.

                  You might Start your reading with Capitalism; The Unknown Ideal then follow with Liberal Fascism.

                  Trust me… even though I’m drunk, I’ll know if you’re reading them.

                  I think you’ll enjoy them as it allows for an abundance of hatred for everybody.

                  Oh… And I had an emphasis in Russian Studies. If you’d like to talk about Lenin I’m happy to oblige, even though he reads like a petulant 12-year old.


                  • thetruthisstrangerthanfiction

                    “When a country can create, and destroy, the representation of Wealth by fiat then other countries cannot attack (effectively) it’s currency”

                    I suppose that’s an interesting angle. Only, it isn’t “our government” that is creating the fiat currency in the first place, and you aren’t really “protecting” wealth by making it worthless… It is really just the petro-dollar that “protects” it from instantly collapsing, and that is something we see being increasingly called into more into question as each day passes….

                    But trust me, my disdain doesn’t “stop at Wall Street”. I suppose I am simply treading carefully here to start with, as I don’t want to jump out of the gate sounding too “conspiratorial” and get laughed out the door, but suffice to say, I really don’t regard any of the topics/concepts you’ve listed here (capitalism, liberal fascism, government as a whole, or even basic history) from a “face value” perspective.

                    It’s not that I necessarily disagree with the notion of “government is what causes the problems”, it’s that I think it goes much further than that, and that “government” isn’t simply this two-dimensional thing we imagine it to be, whose faults simply stem from run-of-the-mill corruption or generic ineptness. (see my recent comment back on insanitybytes blog re: Freemasonry…)

                    I don’t recall what your take was on the whole 9/11 debate that went on over there not long ago, but basically that’s where a lot of the “scales from the eyes” started falling off for me.

                    There really is a “cabal”, for lack of a better word. A conspiracy “with a capital C”. There really IS an “elite”, comprised of Globalist bankers, who run Wall Street, run the Fed, are the “military/industrial complex”, control the various Intelligence agencies, put their puppets in the White House (and most other executive seats around the globe), run NATO, own the U.N., and yes, like to have crazy little sex parties in Redwood forests where they sacrifice people in front of huge stone owl statues….

                    In other words… The world, as it really works, is truly stranger than fiction…. 😉


                    • Mike

                      I must confess you might be a little further along than I am.

                      As far as Conspiracies, I do not believe in them. I’ve found that Elitists are willing to Do whatever they Want right in front of you while telling you they’re not doing it. Machiavelli was not lost on such people… even when they’ve probably never read him.

                      Just because we ‘discover’ something has been going on does not mean it has been hidden from us.

                      If there is a Conspiracy in play it is ours in abdicating our responsibility to pay attention to those who view themselves as Elite. It is our Fault… and we Conspire to deny it.

                      I like your general distrust however.

                      Cynicism is the First Line of Defense when it comes to our Freedom and Liberty as Individuals.


  • insanitybytes22

    Oh dear, I think I’m going to be sick….

    I’ve pondered the idea of dressing up as the grim reaper on election day and just standing there silently.

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